Muslim “Refugees/Migrants” Sex Attacks Rock Six European Countries

You will never hear this story on today’s liberal lame stream media.  The foolhardy European ideas of multiculturalism are coming home to roost.  These Muslim Arabic “Refugees and Migrants” are angry men between the ages of 18-35.  President Barack Hussein Obama wants them to come to the United States of America by the hundreds of thousands, even millions.  I wonder what his motive and intent is?  If our nation’s so called leaders do not label “Radical Islam” for what it truly is, then we are Europe on a holding pattern.  Make no mistake: God is allowing these atrocities to happen to western nations because of our sins and debauchery.  Lord, help this nation to repent and submit to You before it is too late…   Pastor Steve

Update:  The reported sexual assaults in Cologne, Germany has doubled, going from 100 to 200 since this article was written.


Pray For Revival In America!



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