Why I Like Franklin Graham…

Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly interviewed Franklin Graham in reference to Rob Bell’s heresy.  Rob Bell does not believe hell is real or that homosexuality is a sinful life style.  The conversation however, shifted to the doctrine of salvation.  Franklin Graham correctly asserted that only faith in Jesus Christ’s atoning work can save anyone.  O Reilly’s Irish Catholic background and worldly “logic” countered Graham’s Biblical truth, and Franklin Graham would not back down one inch.  O’Reilly attempted to take over and steer their discussion towards his own mindset but the Lord had a hold of Franklin Graham and the Lord had His way!  This is why I like Franklin Graham.  Watch and listen to it play out.  May you and I have this kind of love, boldness and unction when our opportunity to shine presents itself:


2 thoughts on “Why I Like Franklin Graham…

  1. I greatly appreciate Franklin Graham; he might have missed the opportunity to mention (in regard to what about the Jews and the children many were good people) but God said; All have Sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God; & there is none righteous no not one; and God knows the hearts of all mankind; adult and child; and the scripture is clear shall not the Judge of all the earth do Right! Many people want to use their logic, but they disregard the clear teaching of God.

    Poor Mr. O’Reilly is lost and doesn’t know it :(!


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