Quotable Quotation

Once again, President Obama downplays the threat of Isis  (The Bible says:  “A fool never learns and despises wisdom”):

Barack Obama just said to NPR news:  “Although Isis has the ability to harm America, they will not take down our country.”  He said further:  “The U.S. and its allies are not threatened by Isis.”  

Most Americans do not agree with his foolhardy answer.  John Sununu, former New Hampshire Governor and former White House Chief of Staff says:  “This president continues to fiddle while the Middle East burns.  The President thinks the thousands of Christians killed in the Middle East are a low priority compared to his commitment to gun control and climate change.  The president thinks he can talk his way out of this mess.  It is a disaster for the U.S., it is a disaster for the world, and it is a real human tragedy disaster for the people in that region.”

Our president called Isis a JV team a year ago, and said they were under control only hours before they recently unleashed a horrific assault in Paris, murdering unarmed civilians.

Barack Hussein Obama is a fool.  He believes that strong talk without actions is the solution.  But then again, I have always believed that our Muslim president desires to pave the way for Islamic expansion, while weakening our military, economy and our nation.  He is full of phony baloney, empty meaningless rhetoric, and he is a pack of lies.  He is all talk and no action.  He enables Isis while desiring to take away our guns.  President Obama will consider his actions a success if a powerful Islamic caliphate is established in the Middle East that will threaten all of the west.  I believe this is his real goal and hearts’ desire.

Pastor Steve  


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