Musings Of A Baby Boomer As We Enter The Christmas Season

Even Steven

Ah yes!  Growing up as an American child in the mid to late 50’s through the early 60’s was a grand experience.  We had it made.  We all watched the Mickey Mouse Club and Superman.  After viewing Superman, all the kids grabbed their families’ worst bath towel, tied them around our necks, we extended our arms out, and tore around the neighborhood while making sudden turns.  I remember that if you had PF Flyers, US Keds or Red Ball Jets, you could run faster and jump higher.  Those were the days…..

Of course I remember our Christmas traditions as well.  We were a middle class family and none of us were saved/born again.  Quite frankly, we were all lost as Christmas turkeys.  We thought we were good people, and our goodness was based on our own merits.  Like many of you, I learned the story of the corpulent elf who parked his sleigh on the…

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