Christianity Lite?

There has always been an idea floating around that we can have Jesus and the world.  We desire to have an inoculation of the faith rather than a saturation.  We desire to be sprinkled and poured upon, yet not immersed.  We place our manger scene next to Santa Claus.  Our idea towards Christianity is “it is fire insurance.”   We have just enough of the world to be unhappy in the church and just enough of the church to be unhappy in the world.  But Jesus said:  “No man can serve both God and mammon because we will love only one and hate the other.”  We can be part Christian no more than we can be part married, part alive, part dead or part saved.  We are either a saint or an ain’t.  There are loads of nominal Christians in America who lack salvation.  How do we know they are lost?  The Bible says that we will know believers by their fruits.  They may  know in their heads that the Bible is true, but there is no shoe leather to their profession of faith.  Their walk does not measure up to their talk.  Many professing Christians today I have noticed are “floaters,” committed to absolutely nothing yet dabbling in everything.  This is actually their desire, since real commitment would require work and accountability.  Real commitment would require Christian service in the local church.  It is much easier to go on a lifetime search for the perfect church.  This is why some never “land” in a Bible believing, Christ exalting church.  They prefer forever “flying” without commitment to any church.   The desire is NOT to really find a church.  The search is a smokescreen.  The desire is to avoid toil, sweat, and commitment to the work in the local church.  Judging by the attendances that I observe everywhere, a lot of folks have indeed become mere spectators which is really their goal and ultimate desire.  I would rather fellowship with a handful of saints who meant business, than hobnob with a group of lukewarm professors to our faith, who seem to be a mile wide and an inch deep.   Blessings, Pastor Steve


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