Sharing The Gospel/Soul Winning ~ Quotable Quotation

“The problem with pastors today is that they are like doctors.  They do not make house calls anymore.”    ~    Jerry Falwell

McGregor Baptist Church, Ft. Myers, Florida Baptist Convention


Is this true?  While teaching a class on soteriology (the study of the Savior and salvation) last week, I canvassed the class of 8-10 students with the following question:  When was the last time that ANYONE came to your door and shared the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ?  The answers were unbelievable and told volumes about the anemic state of evangelism, the community and the local church.

The question was NOT when was the last time someone invited you to church, it was when was the last time someone brought the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to your home.  The answer:  People from Jehovah Witnesses and the Mormons were frequent visitors over the decades but they brought their cult beliefs, and distortions of Christianity.  The entire class said that no one ever came to their door with the Gospel and explained to them how to become saved.  There was one exception:  A senior lady said she was visited by one with an evangelical flair who shared the plan of salvation in 1950!  It must have had a real impact on her in order to remember this for sixty five years.  In my case, I received a visit or two from Independent Baptist Churches who shared the Gospel many years ago in Virginia.  A local large Southern Baptist Church where I live now, sent out a FAITH team [FAITH is a witnessing strategy that presents the Gospel in a particular way, incorporating a simple testimony and specific scriptures] after we visited their church.  They talked about their church and invited us again, but did not share the plan of salvation.  (In their defense, they may have thought that since I was a pastor,  there was no need to share Christ, however, I would have respected them more so if they did).

Since we seem to compartmentalize our faith and “witness” only while in church, perhaps we need to focus on a powerful quotation by Francis of Assisi:

“Don’t go to preach unless you preach while you go.”

There is no substitute for grassroots one on one evangelism.  Marketing, methodology and events are all majoring on the minor.  There is no substitute for church leaders visiting the homes of the lost.  Picking up where Jerry Falwell left off, he finished by saying:  “…when the local minister visits the home, shares the Gospel and has prayer, where are these folks going to go when adversity strikes their family?”  Well said Jerry.

I honestly believe that the Mormons, Muslims and Jehovah’s Witnesses often display more zeal for a lie, than blood washed born again Christians display for the truth, life and the way.  (John 14:6)

Pray For Revival In America


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