Europe Appears To Be Toast Via Islamic Invasion ~ This Video Has Gone Viral In Europe

Prayer rugs and copies of the Koran have been strewn along our southern Mexican border, and President Obama desires for thousands of Syrian “refugees” to immigrate during the coming years.  The “refugees” are not families, but angry Islamic men between the ages of 18-30.  Mosques are being built across America, and are in every state.  All they need are our women.  Patrick Buchanan wrote “Death Of The West” in 2001, forecasting exactly what we see happening now.  In the 1980’s, my wife and I discussed “Who will replace the mass of aborted unwanted babies by America and her allies since Roe. vs. Wade?”  The answer lies within these words, and is displayed graphically in the video below.  A missionary friend of mine told us years ago that there was a massive Islamic jihad brewing, and the west is the target.

The press does not understand Islam at all.  The media divides Muslims into groups like peaceful, coexisting, radical, violent, etc.  READ THE KORAN and STUDY THEIR FOUNDER.  Look at their history and their previous attempts to conquer Europe at their inception and 700 years later.  They believe a period of confusion and war with the west will usher in their global rule, and yearn for the jihad at hand.  They have already claimed all of the west.  Their religion promotes Islam as the only religion in the world when their goals come to fruition.  They take their faith seriously.  If Christians did the same, perhaps this would not be happening.  Strike the following video link to see a graphic portrayal of Europe today.


Warning:  This video has profanity and foul language-

Pray For Revival, Jesus Christ Is America’s Only Hope



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