The Latest Carnage In Paris, 11/13/15

Let me think…  There are over 750 Muslim safe havens in France and Paris may accurately be described as the little Mecca of the west.  So when Muslim “extremists” scream “Allahu akbar” and butcher nearly 200 civilians in this city, there is no surprise in it from me.  The usual rhetoric of “Muslim radical fringe group” is spewed from the liberal press, yet one cannot help but observe that wherever these people settle en mass is where these atrocities happen.  The British Prime Minister was “shocked” by the latest barbaric acts of Islam.  What galaxy has he been hiding out in?  For the more naive among us, here is the usual “Islamic infiltration of the west” modus operandi (method of operation, i.e. M.O.):  Settle in countries with huge numbers, ignore the customs and laws of the respective nations, demand sharia law, rewrite history as if they have been there for thousands of years, and brainwash the populace that the latest murder and mayhem was performed by a radical fringe group.  The best friend of the immigrating Islamic world is “tolerance.”  Has anyone read the Koran or studied the genocide of their founder?  Goodness gracious, Mohammed was Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin rolled into one, and then some.  Our illustrious president Barack Hussein Obama, desires to allow countless Syrian “refugees” into America.  85% of them are men between the ages of 18 and 30.  If you are confused as to what Obama’s real strategy is, then you really ARE confused.  Our Muslim president desires to bring Paris to America. But do not worry–  only a few of them will end up to be “extremists.”  In reality, their whole strategy is to settle in large numbers, while a handful of operatives do the damage.  Oh yes, the Muslims in and around Paris can say they are “outraged” by the latest mayhem, but then again, their demon god Allah allows them to lie in order to promote their religion, since they follow the father of lies.  Also note that the great majority of the murders happened at a concert in Paris where an American group from Palm Springs, California known as “Eagles of Death Metal” played.  Hence Muslims feel justified in countering the debauchery of the west.  Christians also need to keep in mind that the Lord would not allow these incidents to happen if we truly followed Him.  It is indeed true, that the west is corrupt, with the United States of America leading the pack.

Interestingly, syndicated columnist Ann Coulter said that the latest carnage has placed Donald Trump in the White House.  In my opinion the man is edgy, yet he clearly recognizes the enemy, and circumvents the usual liberal baggage of PC and tolerance whenever these acts of terrorism occur.  Muslim immigration on a huge scale will be the undoing of any nation that participates.  If Americans do not learn from the way Islam is doing Europe in, then that will also be our experience in the near future.  What is the panacea?

Pray For Revival In America


2 thoughts on “The Latest Carnage In Paris, 11/13/15

  1. Hello Steve! Great post! I just wanted to tell you that God has called us to Clearwater for an indefinite season, so I won’t be attending SWFBI for awhile. This does not make me happy, and it it clearly a mission field for us. However, my elderly parents need us to be closer, so we are off. I will especially miss taking your classes, and I pray that I’ll be back to my beloved Englewood someday, should Jesus tarry.

    God bless,

    Gayle Boudreau

    Happy Connecting. Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S® 5 Sport


    • Gayle, I miss you and your husband already! I understand the “elderly parents” challenge. My mother-in-law lives with us, preventing me from answering calls in other states. You are going to where He is placing you and I am saddened. We wish you Godspeed and joy in Clearwater. Joe Van Kouvering has great prophecy events at your doorstep – the Gateway Christian Center in St. Petersburg. Proverbs 3:5-6 Steve Thompson


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