Quotation- President Obama On Isis

President Obama downplays the threat of Isis just hours before the attack on Paris on 11/13/15:

“I don’t think they are getting strength.  What is true is that our goal has been first to contain them and we have contained them.

This is a direct quote from our illustrious president to George Stephanopoulos on Friday, Good Morning America/ABC.  As I write this, Isis is recruiting young men from Minnesota to attack our nation.  Isis has just threatened America with attacks like we just saw in Paris. Specifically, they are targeting Washington, D.C. and our shopping malls.  Isis said that Paris is the first attack in a firestorm that will cover the globe.

To refresh your memory, this is the president who called Isis a JV team (Junior Varsity) just before they came on the radar nearly two years ago.  The strategy is obvious- Downplay the threat to the American public while they gain more and more power.  While he does this, thousands of Syrian “refugees” are simultaneously invited to America.

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