Quotable Quotation ~ Lt. Col. Oliver North

Lt. Col. Oliver North    ~     United States Marine Corps (Ret)

Oliver North made the following statement after Barack Hussein Obama vetoed the defense spending bill put forth from congress.  The National Defense Authorization Act endorses the military’s capability to defend our nation.  It has bipartisan support in both houses of congress.  In doing so, Obama is intentionally enabling Hamas, Hezbollah, Isis, the Chinese, North Korea and Iran to run roughshod with their global ambitions.  In Russia, Vladimir Putin is consolidating his hold on Crimea and the eastern Ukraine, and now conducting combat operations in Syria.  Oliver North quipped:  “Vladimir Putin is playing Barack Obama like Charlie Daniels plays the fiddle.”

Note:  Obama is intentionally deflating America’s might in order to accomplish this.  His lifelong mentors are communists, socialists, and Muslims.  Many discerning Christians and Americans knew this before he was elected in his first term.  It will never cease to amaze me that Americans twice elected this man whose political ambitions are contrary to every value this country was built upon.  Most Christians who I speak with, tell me they believe he is God’s judgment upon America, pure and simple.  He has just sanctioned the release of 46,000 prisoners on November 1, 2015, including Mexican drug cartels and gang members.  Tens or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of Syrian “refugees,” most who are Islamic, will be allowed to immigrate to America annually.  They will be packing Sharia Law in their suitcases.  Obviously, Christians need to pray fervently for our country without ceasing.  God is still on the throne and prayer changes things.  With God, all things are possible.  Our hope is in God, however, not in the government of our nation.

Pray For Revival In America


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