Greek Word Study, Part XIII

150)paroinois- given to wine/ The root of paroinois is oinos which means wine.  Please refer to Greek Word Study, Part II, numbers 21-23.

151)pater- father/ We have English words which are derived from this root.  For instance- “paternal,” meaning pertaining to the father.  A child’s paternal grandmother would be the grandmother on the child’s father’s side.

152)pentakis- five times/ Our military installation near Washington, D.C. is called the Pentagon since it has five sides.  Satanic rituals are performed within the five sided pentagram.

153)petra- rock/ The famous city founded by the ancient Nabateans in Jordan is called Petra and was carved out of solid rock.  Our word “petrified,” refers to objects that eventually become as hard as rocks.

154)plasma- thing formed or anything formed/ There are four fundamental states of matter.  Solids, liquids and gases are the premier three states.  Anything not under these three categories may be termed as plasma.

155)porne- a harlot or a whore/ We obviously derive the word pornography from this root word porne.  Pornography involves the visual observation and the reading of material that endorse ungodly sexual practices.

156)pornos- fornicator or whoremonger/ One who engages in sexual practices that are forbidden by God and His Word, the Bible.

157)metamorphoo- transformed/ A tadpole turning into a frog or a caterpillar turning into a butterfly goes through an amazing metamorphosis.  When a person is born again (John 3:3), they encounter the greatest metamorphosis there is, as they become a new creation in Christ Jesus.

158)prin- sooner, before/ This word reminds us of “pre,” the prefix that holds the same meaning.

159)proteros- prior, previous, former/ The English word protégé can be traced to the Greek word proteros.  My protégé would be the person before me, who I model myself after. I follow the example of my protégé.  Another synonym with a similar meaning is prototype. 

160)proton- first, of the beginning/ Science calls protons, neutrons and electrons subatomic particles, or the building blocks of what everything is made of.

161)skandalon- thing that offends, stumbling block/ The offence of the cross is called a scandalos (scandal) in the New Testament.  Of course, a modern day scandal involves people performing nefarious deeds in order to attain power or other types of illicit gain.

162)stadios- measure of a distance, furlong, race/ The modern English word stadium usually refers to a sports arena where athletic competition is held.

163)strenos- strength/ The words strong, strength and strain are all derived from this Greek root word.

164)schizo- break, divide/ Modern psychology labels a person with multiple personalities (two or more) as a schizophrenic person.

165)philosophia- fond of wisdom/ This word is the root for the English word philosophy which means exactly the same thing.  Unfortunately, in the Biblical context, more often than not, it refers to the wisdom of the world.  Please read Colossians 2:8.



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