Is Barack Hussein Obama A Muslim?

One may as well ask “Is the Pope Catholic?”  Do frogs jump?  Does a butterfly have wings?  Do snakes slither?  Do zebras have stripes?  Goodness gracious, look at his very name, his background, his likes and dislikes, and all of his decision making.  By the way, it is important to point out that Muslims can lie about their faith and do anything that they feel would promote the cause of their god Allah.  Attempting to determine whether or not President Obama is really a Muslim should be based on what he does, and NOT by what he says, since lying is encouraged in their religion (their father is the father of lies).  Nonetheless, Barack Obama has had countless “Freudian Slips” whereas his true religious beliefs have been divulged, several referred to below and in the You Tube that follows.  Also, once a person is a Muslim, recanting your faith is not an option.    

George Stephanopoulos interviewed President Obama and he called himself a Muslim during the interview.  I listened to this is on You Tube.  If you are skeptical why do you not check it out?  Obama was corrected by Stephanopoulos, and he changed his faith from Muslim to Christian during the interview.  I mean do not you born again Christians forget your faith and call yourself Muslims on occasion?  This would be hysterical were it not so sad as to how naïve Americans truly are.  As of late, the “conservative” Fox News station, referred to an enquirer who asked Donald Trump about the problem of Obama’s Muslim faith.  Fox News suggested the people who believe he is a Muslim, actually think he is just coming out of the closet.  Please, please, please:  I knew he was a Muslim when he first came on the radar about eight years ago.  If he wore a turban and rode a camel down Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C., I would not be any more convinced.  He stated: “We are no longer a Christian nation” in his first inaugural speech.  He has placed countless Muslim Brotherhood people in leadership and allowed Ramadan in the White House. He cancelled our National Day of Prayer. He has referred to his Muslim faith countless times, also on You Tube.  He loves their form of worship.  He disparages Christianity every chance he gets, and tramples on our rights.  Sharia Law is in the works in Europe and planned for America in the near future.  He is greasing the skid. This information goes on world without end. Why do you think he hates Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi)?  … and Maxwell House is good to the last drop.

Note:  Research concerning his upbringing in Kenya, and even more so in Indonesia, gives further credence for his Muslim faith.  Watching the Movie 2016, studying his life history and mentors adds further fuel to the fire in regards to his religious leanings.  He was told by advisors that “he would have to change his religion” in order to be elected president in the United States of America.

Finally, consider Obama’s own words from his two tomes, “Dreams of My Father” and “Audacity of Hope.”  With the exception of those who are confused by facts, the following should remove all doubt:

Note what B. Hussein Obama says in his own words. They are from his books entitled “Dreams of My Father” and “Audacity of Hope.

In “Audacity of Hope” he writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope.”

An excellent nine and one half minute You Tube is featured  below.  You can hear it all, straight from the horse’s mouth.  [Barack is the horse that Mohammed allegedly rode on when he went to heaven.  Yes, the president of the United States of America was named after Mohammed’s horse.]  This You Tube is comprehensive, and is imperative for uninformed Americans who desire to see who is leading (“leading from behind”) our nation.  Once you watch the first video presentation, other You Tube videos with the same theme will follow:

Almost comical, are Obama’s assertions of the tremendous influence of Islam on American history.  You Tube unveils many of these speeches, where he lies more than an Afghan carpet.  Our nation was 99% Protestant Christian when the Declaration of Independence was signed, the remainder were Catholics and Jews.  The only real incident whereas Islam was involved with our history, were the infamous barbaric Barbary Pirates who attacked unarmed merchant/passenger ships throughout the waters of Western Europe and North Africa during the inception of our nation.  Obama never mentions this.  He simply lies and distorts the truth to his advantage.  The baby boomers and older folks all know that he is a profuse liar, but many of the uninformed millennials drink the Kool-Aid.  Nefarious leaders all rewrite history.  That is their trademark.  The impact of Islam on American history before 9/11/01, is not a smidgeon, nada, zilch, zero, nihilo, none whatsoever.  God blessed our country for over two hundred years solely because of our Judeo Christian heritage.  President Obama’s “history” of our nation merely reflect his distorted and convoluted world view.  Our president is a liar.


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