Why Would Evangelicals Vote For A Bull In A China Closet?

Polls reveal Donald Trump is still in the lead of the Republican candidates running for the 2016 presidential race as of this writing.  He is incredibly rich, bombastic, full of hubris, ill mannered, crude, prideful, and walks on others without a second thought.  He disparaged California congresswoman Carly Fiorina in Rolling Stone magazine, saying:  “Would you vote for a person with a face like that for president?”  That has to be in the top five stupid remarks that I have ever heard from a candidate running for office.  Yet many evangelicals would vote for him for president.  This speaks volumes of how far our nation has fallen from righteousness.  Why does  Donald Trump currently have such a wide support base from Evangelical Christians?  I had lunch with my fellow pastors a couple of days ago and some of them also said they would vote for him.  The following are some of the reasons why Trump has gained the favor of both political and religious conservatives:

There is a parallel between the Richard Nixon/Watergate era and our nation today.  Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976 because our nation distrusted politicians.  Jimmy Carter seemed fresh and innocent of the politics in Washington, D.C.  Today we find the same atmosphere.  Frontrunners Donald Trump and Ben Carson are Washingtonian outsiders, lacking gubernatorial experience or even a senate seat.  Fox News Contributor Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas, states that evangelicals are looking to Donald Trump because they perceive him to be a last ditch effort to rectify the unbelievable damage caused by the current administration in the last seven years.  President Obama is responsible for destroying our economy with a nearly 17 trillion dollar deficit, promoting a feckless foreign policy designed to allow nefarious world powers to take over while we abandon our allies, shrinking our military so we cannot respond to needs on the world stage, promoting Islam while trampling on the rights of Christians, and turning our country into a nanny welfare state.  These are serious issues, and many conservatives rightly understand that the continual phony rhetoric coming out of Washington, D.C. will not solve the crisis in our nation.  We need to keep illegal immigrants out of our nation and build up our military, making our nation and world secure.  Furthermore, people are fed up with the Republicans abandoning their base and their party platform, not countering illegal immigration, and not repealing Obamacare.  Personally, I have an antipathy towards the Republican Party and find them repulsive.  I did not leave the Republican Party, they left me.  I am not a Republican, I am a conservative.  Many believe Donald Trump is the only one who can measure up in this critical time in which we live.  Donald Trump could not care less about Political Correctness (PC) and is indeed his own man.  THAT is what I like about him.   Regardless of your political view points, I am sure you would agree that our nation is standing at the edge of a chasm that will lead to our irreversible destruction if the Lord does not intervene in our affairs.  Because of the butchering of nearly 60 million babies and allowing sodomites to “marry,” we should not expect favor from the Lord, yet nonetheless we pray for it because of His mercy.  Regardless of your political points of view…

Pray For Revival In America!

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