2015 Second Orlando Prophecy Summit, Part 23

Solomon’s Lost Temple  ~  Bob Cornuke

These are exciting times of new discoveries in archaeology.  Exponentially they are coming in a very rapid rate.  Skeptics say:  “Show me and I will believe.”  God says:  “Believe and I will show you.”  You must become a believer in order to recognize what God is doing.  The unsaved do not understand or comprehend what is happening.  80% of college students fall away from their faith.  The Bible warns us not to be deceived by the traditions of the world, that would undermine our faith in Christ.  Philosophy (love of wisdom), evolution, and the traditions of man are all out there trying to steal our faith.

Matthew 11:25  King James Version (KJV)

25 At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes.

There is a curse for mocking God and believing man knows everything.  God will actually hide the truth from those who think they are so wise and clever.  Worldly brilliant people think Christians are crazy because of our faith.  University professors marginalize and characterize Christians.


The Temple findings from Solomon’s Temple are the real deal.  Bob will have a lot more material next year after more study and investigation is accomplished.  In 1986 Bob searched for Noah’s Ark.  He still does trips to this locale.  Noah’s Ark is not on Mount Ararat in Turkey.  Bob does not think that may even be the right mountain.  He thinks the mountain may be in Iran or Pakistan.  (Genesis 11:1-2 says the first generations after Noah came from the land of Shinar in the east).  ***   I believe that Noah’s Ark no longer exists.  There was a devastated earth without grown trees and even shrubbery when Noah and his family of eight exited the ark.  What else could possibly been their source of building homes, outbuildings, barns, pens, implements, fences, etc., etc.?  The ark was dismantled and used for their practical needs.  Pastor Steve   ***

Bob recalled his previous explorations whereby they found the real Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia (Galatians 4:25).  They found altars, pillars, the split rock where the water came out, the top was charred black, and the Bible says it is in the ancient land of Midian.  Scholars laughed at their exploits when they happened twenty five years ago, but now they are all coming around to believing this is indeed the place of the real Mt. Sinai (Jabal al Lawz).

Another item they searched for was the Ark of the Covenant.  Bob took twenty trips to Ethiopia.  Bob believes the Ark is in as small chapel in an Ethiopian town.  (I spoke with Bob on the telephone about eight-ten years ago, and he believed the same thing then).  Bob believes the Ark went to Elephantine Island on the Nile River where it stayed for hundreds of years before it was taken to Ethiopia.  There is a strong historical tradition that asserts this theory, whether or not it is true.

Furthermore, Bob did extensive research off of the coast of Malta, searching for the four anchors from Paul’s shipwreck, summarized in Acts 27,28.  Bob fed the Biblical data into a thirty million dollar computer, and they researched the area that the computer took them to.  The anchors were no longer there because they were already located and retrieved by scuba divers!  They have all been located.

Bob Cornuke opened up a question and answer period for any questions on his explorations of Noah’s Ark, Mount Sinai, the Ark of the Covenant, Paul’s Shipwreck, and The Temple.

It was mentioned that many people inside and outside of Christianity all believe that something is soon coming upon the world, centered in Jerusalem  (Zechariah 12, 13, 14).  Because of this, Bob Cornuke has a tremendous impetus that is open to his exploits in archaeology all around the globe, including many politicians and dignitaries.  It was mentioned that recent archaeological findings are giving strong clues to where the tomb of King David is.

Another question was:  “Are the Jewish people excited that because the real temple location is not near the Dome Of The Rock, they can therefore build immediately?”  The problem here is that the accepted traditional location is so strong by Jewish scholars, rabbis, etc.,  that credence is not always given to recent discoveries.  For further comprehensive information on Bob’s research on the Temple, go to part 5 of this series, and obtain a copy of his recent publication The Temple.  It is the most cutting edge archaeological book that I have read in years.  

Bob’s main theme throughout his archaeological endeavors is to assert the truth of the Bible.  He is viciously attacked because of his firm stance upon the Word of God.  





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