Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Is Jailed Because She Refused To Grant Marriage Licenses To Homosexuals

Kentucky marriage clerk Kim Davis refused to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals and was jailed because of it.  (She has been released as of this writing)  As a born again Apostolic Christian, Kim Davis realizes that her options are limited to two:  1)Quit her job since so called “gay marriages” are ungodly, unbiblical and an abomination before God.  2)Continue her job as long as possible without granting licenses for these perverted “marriages.”  Kim boldly chose the later.

Kim’s odyssey reveals how ungodly our nation has become in the recent past.  Very few in the Christian Church are raising any opposition to the apostasy that is sweeping our nation.  If/when you and I are placed into a position whereas we would deny our Lord by submitting to the laws of the land, then we must join the ranks of the apostle Peter and “obey and submit to the law of God rather than the to the laws of men.”  It is that simple.  If the Christian Church truly played the role of the Christian Church, we would not have this debauchery raising its’ ugly head.

In order to understand why these awful things are happening to us, we must consider the foundation of our nation and the philosophy of the Founding Fathers.  They said our government would work successfully ONLY if we remained a Christian people.  If we would become a pluralistic “anything goes” culture, then our government and way of living would fall apart.  Folks, we are watching it happen…

Since Kim Davis’ release after five days in jail, believers may well view her actions as the prototype for the future.  The late Francis Schaeffer proponed becoming conscientious objectors towards governmental laws that go against our faith and our conscience.  In Francis Schaeffer’s Christian Manifesto, he endorsed “civil disobedience,” encouraging the citizenry not to become slaves to their own government when the law of the land is in opposition to the law of God.  Although the United States of America was founded on the Judeo Christian ethic, secular humanists inevitably change the laws in such a way that Christians cannot obey them in good conscience.  (i.e. abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage, etc.)    Peaceful resistance may soon be the hallmark of the Christians who refuse to compromise their faith.

Even so, come Lord Jesus!

Maranatha, Pastor Steve


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