2015 Second Orlando Prophecy Summit, Part 22

Brent Miller  ~  Interview/Hagmann & Hagmann

Joe Hagmann and Doug Hagmann interview Brent Miller:  Brent Miller is a CEO with Ingenuity Films and has a web site named Decoding The Future.com.  Brent makes Christian prophetic films filled with Biblical prophecies that are well received by the secular world.  Decoding The Future (DVD) covers the book of Revelation.  Brent uses secular terminology in order to connect with unbelievers.  For instance, in order to reach a secular audience, Brent says Decoding The Future instead of Revelation.  He says Ancient Texts instead of the Bible.  This strategy is great in reaching unbelievers.  It is an evangelical tool.  He reveals how monetary systems, governments and different religions are all merging in order to set the stage for the end times.  He reveals to unbelievers how God uses nature and science to accomplish His purposes and fulfill Bible prophecy.  God placed all of this in motion on the first six days of creation.  The stage is being set for the book of Revelation to be fulfilled.  Brent Miller reveals how science reveals the Bible to be true.  If an asteroid is observed coming towards the earth, it can be proven to have been prophesied in the book of Revelation.  We see the merging of politics.  Religions are becoming tolerant and all inclusive.  Nations like Russia and China desire one world currency.  Knowledge is increasing exponentially.  People are traveling to and fro.  Our nation has turned its’ back on Israel.  All of these prophesied events in the Bible are happening now, revealing that the end times are coming.  Modern science and current events are tools to be used in order to validate the truth of the Bible.  Brent Miller uses science and current events as apologetic tools in order to further substantiate the truth of the Bible.


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