2015 Second Orlando Prophecy Summit, Part 21

Jerome Corsi  ~  Interview/Hagmann & Hagmann

Jerome Corsi is interviewed by Doug & Joe Hagmann:

Jerome Corsi has done a great work in exposing the corruption in politics and politicians.  Corsi wrote Obama Nation (2008) and then Obama Nation II, Judgment Day (2015).  Obama is doing everything within his power to tank this country.  Corsi was asked:  “What is going on?”  Corsi reviewed much of the material covered on Obama Nation I & II (Judgment Day), already entered on this blog site.  He mentioned the bizarre birth of Obama and his childhood in Indonesia.  The cult of SUBUD was touched on, along with the vague and erroneous information about his birth certificate.  Along these lines, the mysterious death of Loretta Fuddy was expounded upon.  The people in this interview all agreed that Barack Obama himself may not know who he is.  His birth and life sounds like a CIA engineered plot  that is so strange that you could not even think it up.

Malcolm X was a hero of Barack Obama.  Malcolm was a Black Muslim.  Obama may profess to be a Christian but Islam is written all over his relationships and cultural ties.  Obama is generating a race war in America by contributing to class warfare, Ferguson, the Immigration Movement, etc.  Obama is pushing us towards a nuclear war in the Middle East.  In the end, God wins.




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