2015 Second Orlando Prophecy Summit, Part 20

Jerome Corsi          “The Obama Nation II: Judgment Day”    Part 1       Jerome Corsi.com

Jerome Corsi has a Harvard Ph. D. and writes for World Net Daily.  Jerome Corsi majored in Political Science.  He wrote Obama Nation in 2008, having in mind Daniel and the abomination of desolation.  It was a New York Times best seller for a month.  It explained first of all, that Obama had a very murky nativity story.  In his birth certificate written in 1961, the Immigration Naturalization Service doubted that the African was his father.  The two never lived together, no marriage license was ever found, and no one remembered ever attending the marriage ceremony.  A birth record has never been found, and they changed the hospital he was born in (they thought it was one hospital then the other).  Every child delivered in the hospital was recorded and Obama’s name is not there.  Obama was raised by his step father Barry Soetoro in Indonesia, and was a Muslim attending Mosques, and the school records are available to prove it.  Obama was also raised and mentored by Frank Marshall Davis who was a Communist.  He was an African American journalist, poet, and author of pornographic novels.  Davis was Obama’s mentor in Hawaii, and he was a Communist and a Socialist.  Obama’s history is a history of lies.  Obama also had a close liaison with underground bomber Bill Ayers.  Corsi believes there is apocalyptic implications to Obama’s character and what he is doing in office.  Obama is sympathetic to the Muslim cause and the Islamic world view.  Obama is radically Socialist, Muslim oriented, intending to destroy the United States of America by overloading the social welfare system (one half of Americans are receiving some sort of government check), fifty seven million people are on food stamps, one hundred million Americans are not working, he is opening up the borders so that demographically we are changed as a nation, and assuming the laws will change to follow the reality.  Ann (Stanley) Dunham was Barack Obama’s mother, who raised him in war torn Indonesia, where the C.I.A. arranged for the killing of thousands of Christians while the Muslims were taking over in power.  On April 27, 2011, Loretta Fuddy certified that a computer generated birth certificate resembled the one from 1961 that you cannot see.  (There were no computer generated birth certificates from that time era).  She died mysteriously after a small Cessna airplane crashed in shallow water in Hawaii.  She was the only passenger out of nine that died, even though she got out of the airplane with a life vest on.  She died of an alleged heart attack.  The airplane came down in one piece but was later crushed into many pieces.  [To destroy the evidence?]  Critical pieces of Obama’s past are missing, including his birth certificate, school records, and passport information.  Obama’s life history resembles a CIA fictitious character, one whose life represents a person who did not exist.  Various nefarious organizations allowed Obama to attend Harvard.  Among these are the Black Panthers, Black Muslims, and the CIA.


Obama has worn a ring since college that says “There is no god but Allah.”  The liberal press and the White House denied this, and came up with a fictitious story in place of the facts.

Obama had to sanitize his relationship with Reverend Wright, his church, and the African “down low” community.  [The “down low” community is the male homosexuality of the prison cultures].  These men are often bisexual.  Reverend Wright’s church supported the “down low” community.  Barack Obama was known in the “down low” community as “Bath House Barry.”  He was commonly known to be a homosexual.  Before coming into the public eye, he was known for living on credit cards, smoking cigarettes and marijuana, snorting cocaine, and going to gay bath houses.  Obama is widely known in Chicago to be homosexual.  His marriage to Michelle Robinson was an arranged marriage.  Michelle was raised in Jesse Jackson’s home.  One of the daughters is said to belong to Jesse Jackson himself.

Every thing you know about Barack Obama is a lie.  It is manufactured fiction.  His entire life history is manufactured fiction.  Obama is also tied in with a cult that exists in Indonesia, Hawaii and Chicago called SUBUD.  Loretta Fuddy, the aforementioned Health Representative who vouched for the computer generated birth certificate and died in a mysterious airplane crash, was also a member of SUBUD.  Why does our president have to have a secret history?  He is starting a race war and polarizing Americans.  This is the Communist tactic.  You gain power by creating social class divisions, and rub them raw and tell them they are abused.  Obama is all about income redistribution.


In 2005 Jerome Corsi predicted that Iran would develop nuclear weapons and John Kerry would be the one to do it.  (John Kerry takes money from Iranian Muslims as does Hillary Clinton).  Barack Obama has changed our policy to tolerate a nuclear Iran.  This is insanity.  Obama has nothing in his heart to support Israel.  Obama in 2011 has changed sides in the war on terror.  Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood and has promoted over twenty of them to high policy positions in the White House, and has allowed ISIS to destabilize the Middle East.


Corsi’s Final Notes:

Jerome Corsi’s predictions:  We will have nuclear war in the Middle East soon.  The author of that nuclear war will be Barack Obama.  We will have race wars and riots in the United States.  Note the war over South Carolina’s Confederate Battle Flag.  There are continually new flavors of racism coming forth in America nearly every day.  Corsi also mentioned there was serious consideration in the military of a coup.  Showing up at the White House and arresting Barack Obama.  (the audience cheered).  There will be a world wide economic collapse around October if we continue on our “house of cards” course.  There will be a fight for survival in Israel, but Israel will win (read Ezekiel).  Israel will not be destroyed.  We must prepare for the chaos because in the end God wins.


My thoughts on Corsi’s seminar:   I learned very little from Corsi’s data.  If you saw the movie 2016, then you already know about Obama’s intentions for America.  What Corsi stated has been supported by many other sources that I have been exposed to.  Christians everywhere see the wheels coming off of the wagon in our nation and are praying fervently.   Maranatha, Pastor Steve

***   In reference to Corsi’s statement in the above article that was highlighted in red, I could not agree more.  Newscasters, for instance, are befuddled why Obama is greasing the skid for a nuclear armed Iran and a once again empowered Russia.  Everything Obama does has apocalyptic implications.  Obama does not like our Constitution nor the Judeo Christian principles upon which our nation was built.  He is methodically destroying our national security.  He deceived the American people in 2009, calling marriage a union between only  one man and one woman.  He has done everything he could to enable our enemies and abandon our allies.  Our enemies no longer fear us, and our allies no longer trust us.   ***   

Keep Looking Up And Pray For Revival In America!


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