Greek Word Study, Part XII

135)ho anomos- lawless one, Antichrist/ It literally means without the law or outside of the law.  Against the law.

136)epiphaneia- appearing, Christ’s first coming/ The advent wreath and candles of Christmas are associated with the epiphany.  An epiphany  announces the coming of Christ.  It can also mean a sudden revelation of understanding that one receives.

137)soter hemon theos- God our Savior/ This is a simple linear translation.  Soter means salvation or Savior.  Theos means God (theology is the study of God).

138)Kurios Sabaoth- Lord of the Sabaoth/ Lord of the Sabbath.

139)phosphoros- Christ the morning star, light bearer/ Can you see the word phosphorous here?  Phosphorous is light that glows in the dark, certainly reminding one of Christ the morning light and light bearer.

140)gnosis- knowledge/ This is not necessarily a complimentary term in all instances.  The Biblical Gnostics were a cult who did not believe in the Deity of Jesus Christ.  Their heresy is refuted in the book of Colossians.

141)parakletos- advocate, along side of/ This term generally refers to the Holy Spirit.  When one is saved, the Holy Spirit takes up residence inside the believer.

142)ekklesia- church/ Ecclesiastic pertains to the church.  Ecclesia is the English term for the church.

143)hades- sheol/ The underworld.  The term is not as graphic as the word hell.  It refers to the people whose lives are over, and they are awaiting judgment.

144)diabolos- Satan, slanderer, adversary/ We receive the word diabolic from this Greek transliteration.  Diabolic means wicked, evil, sinister, slanderer or adversary.

145)Niger- black/ Africa hosts the nation of Nigeria and the Niger river.  This nation is the home of black (Negro) people.

146)nike- means of success, victory/ Did the athletic shoe company pick the correct name?

147)horion- boundary-line, border, coast/ Our word horizon (the end of sight where earth meets the sky) is derived from this Greek word.

148)pathos- passion, inordinate affection/ The English word pathetic likewise has a negative connotation.  Pathology is the study of disease.

149)paradoxos- contrary to expectation, extraordinary, strange/ The Greek meaning of this word is identical to the English counterpart paradox.


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