Two Quotations From Vance Havner

The Cost Of Discipleship

Edna Ferber says she receives many letters from people who want to be writers but not many from people who want to write. There are many who say they want to be victorious Christians but few are willing to endure the discipline necessary to make one a good soldier of Jesus Christ. There is a prize to possess, but before we possess it there is a price to be paid, and few will pay it.


Should A Preacher Use Notes When Presenting The Message?

Posted on July 2, 2015 by

I have always used notes in my preaching. After hearing some who glory in not using them, who wander all over creation, I decided long ago that a good outline would prevent such meandering. Jonathan Edwards read a sermon that will never be forgotten for its impact. An old Scottish lady who had greatly enjoyed a sermon was reminded that the preacher had read it. She replied that she wouldn’t have cared if he had whistled it!

2 thoughts on “Two Quotations From Vance Havner

  1. Question: I know prayers are personal conversations with God and the Holy Spirit will intervene and give us the
    appropriate words but is it ok to read prayers silently or out loud?


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