2015 Orlando Prophecy Summit, Part 18

Jerry Robinson  ~  A Crash Course In Surviving The Coming Financial Meltdown

A Christian Perspective Of How To Prepare For What Is Ahead-

Mr. Robinson asked the class if they agreed that a financial crisis was immanent.  The class unanimously raised their hands, agreeing that there is a coming financial meltdown.  Central banks create a world of boom, bust, boom, bust.  These banks create funny money out of thin air.  They create booms and panic.  They create money and booms in the stock market.  This seminar will discuss things you can do in light of the economics of today.  Jerry said that over the years he has helped families, stay-at-home Moms, Retirees and those near retirement, Small business Owners, Missionaries, Pastors, and many more!  The late Larry Burkett stated that the Bible has over 2,350 verses on money, wealth and possessions.  God talks about money so much in the Bible because money wants your heart.  Money can take the place of God and become your peace, comfort and joy.  This is why God says to beware.  Christians do not believe in the deception.  Money is a terrible master.  It is a great slave.  We must master money and NOT let it master us.  In the original Latin, mortgage means death (mort) grip (gage).  In reality, all we really need is what God tells us to do.


What does the current global financial crisis mean to you and your faith?  What is God saying to His church in this unique hour about this crisis?  Could God be saying?  …That He Meant it when He said that “the love of money is the root of all evil.?”  [I Timothy 6:10].  Unbridled greed is what has caused our economic crisis.  Could God be saying?  That He Alone is Capable of Ruling Over Mankind?  [Psalm 47:7].  Man was never intended to rule over other men.  He was commanded to rule over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and the animals.  Only after the fall was Adam commanded to rule over his wife but she would not like it.  The Bible says that man cannot rule over man.  Could God Be Saying?  That He is not impressed with our human governments?  [Daniel 2:44].  Could God Be Saying?  To stop being comfortable on this earth and instead to long for our heavenly home?  [II Peter 3:13].  Could God Be Saying in This Economic Crisis?  That we should promote His Kingdom as the ultimate solution to our community?  [Matthew 6:33].  To talk about God’s Kingdom is the solution.  Could God Be Saying?  That it is Time for the Church to Awaken from their Slumber and Live Righteously?  [I Corinthians 15:34].  Could God Be Saying?  That His Return is at the Door?  [Luke 21:28].


The Bible tells us that there would be tremendous deception in the last days.  Question?  Could our current global situation be the ultimate proof that God’s Word is right?  It is time to Sober Up.  The only way that we can hope to stand in the coming days of adversity and avoid deception is to live a transformed life through a renewed life through a renewed mind empowered entirely by the Holy Spirit.  Corporations and conglomerates control the way we think and perceive everything.  They want your money, support and devotion from you.  There is propaganda no matter where you turn.


The Five Levels Of Financial Freedom      [ftmdaily.com/5levels]

For people who want to break free financially and master their money:

1)Build An Emergency Reserve.

2)Asset, Income And Life Protection.

3)Build And Diversify Financial Reserves.

4)Build And Diversify Investments  P.A.C.E.- precious metals, agriculture, commodities and energy: Four areas that go up in times of inflation when the dollar crashes.

5)Advanced Investing Speculative.

For a detailed breakdown of the aforementioned five levels of financial freedom, go to:   ftmdaily.com/5levels


Save six months of your income.  (Liquid cash in case of a need).

The DSL (Diversified Six Months Liquid Savings) Strategy:

1/3 U.S. Dollars.  1/3 Stable Foreign Currencies.  1/3 Precious Metals.

The Profit Principle  “In all labor there is profit, But mere talk leads only to poverty.”

Invest Wisely-  1)Risk  2)Protective Growth.


Broad Investment Diversification Is The Key

  • Metals
  • Stocks
  • Real Estate
  • Your Own Business

There is wisdom in diversification.

The Ultimate Goal:  Trading Cash For Cash Flow.


Closing comments:  Do your homework before investing.  Investments are tools that can be used to accomplish a certain goal.


The Dollar’s Days Are Numbered  Because…

Our Permission To Print Money is Coming to an End.

China, Russia and Iran are moving away from the U.S. dollar.  China and Russia are stocking up on gold.  Central banks are buying gold.  Do not be surprised if China and Russia come out with their own currency backed up by gold.

Gold 101-  All the gold that has ever been mined would fit into a sixty six foot square cube.

The best way to buy gold and silver?

  • Physical Gold and Silver Coins and Bars
  • Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Gold Mining Shares
  • Gold Mining Mutual Funds

Precious metals investing:   ftmdaily.com/gold




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