The Names Of Jesus Christ

The following list is not conclusive.  It is a cross section of one hundred and twelve of His marvelous names.  If you can think of others, please list them under “comments” and I will add them to this list.  Maranatha, Pastor Steve

Thank you Jesus for all that You are:  Creator, Wonderful, Counselor, Prince Of Peace, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, The Sun Of Righteousness, Adonai, Elohim, El Shaddai, Rock Of Ages, Hosanna, The Gate, Selah, Rock Of Our Salvation, Rock Of Refuge, Yeshua, Jesus Christos, The Holy One, Lord Of The Sabbath, The Truth, The Life, The Way, Our Advocate, Great High Priest, The Branch, Shiloh, The Door, The Light Of The World, The Alpha And The Omega, The First And The Last, The Ancient Of Days, The Good Shepherd (Psalm 22), The Great Shepherd (Psalm 23), The Chief Shepherd (Psalm 24), The Bread Of Life, The Messiah, The Shepherd And Bishop Of Souls, The Judge. The Resurrection And The Life, Captain Of Our Salvation, Mediator, Deliverer, Savior, Redeemer, Our Intercessor, Blood Atonement, Our Mercy Seat, Propitiation Of Our Sins, Covering, The Scapegoat, Seed Of A Woman, Son Of God, Son Of Man, A Man Of Sorrows, King Of Kings, Lord Of Lords, The Lily Of The Valley, Teacher, Dayspring Redeemer, The Amen, The Anchor Of The Soul, The Suffering Servant, King Of The Jews, The Holy One, The Bright And Morning Star, The Rose Of Sharon, The True Vine, The Christ, Yeshua, Joshua, Jehovah, Immanuel, Star Of Jacob, Lamb Of God, Lion From The Tribe Of Judah, Son Of David, The Prophet, I AM, Our Lawyer, Our Defense Attorney, The Faithful And True Witness, The Resurrection, Anointed One, The Beloved, Carpenter, Angel Of The Lord, Head Of The Church, Master, The Potentate, Lord And God, Lord Of Life, Lord Of All, Image Of The Invisible God, The Word, Author And Finisher Of Our Faith, The Almighty Bridegroom, Only Begotten Son, Chief Cornerstone, Root Of David, Shield, Sun, Shepherd, Brother, Husband, Friend, Lord Of Hosts, God Most High, God Of All Comfort, Prince Of Life, Horn Of Salvation, Servant, and the list goes on and on…  Do you know Him?  Peter says in Acts 4:12 that “There is no other name written in heaven whereby we can be saved.”  Jesus Himself said (John 14:6) that “I am the way, the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father except by Me.”  He is also the Author of salvation, and if you know Jesus then you also know the Father.  Amen and amen.


The following are additional Old And New Testament mentions of Jesus Christ.  [Taken from “The Life And ministry Of Our Lord Jesus Christ,” pages 16, 22 and 28-32, Brentwood Christian Press, 2014, author Dr. Ken Lindow, Sr.]

The Angel Of The Lord, Living Word, The Passover Lamb, Our Refuge, The Rock, The Scepter, Captain Of Our Salvation, The Lawgiver, Righteous Judge, Kinsman Redeemer, Beginning And The End, Living Water, Righteous King, Faithful Scribe, Dayspring From On High, Chief Musician, Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Friend Who Sticks Closer Than A Brother, Bridegroom, Lover, The Weeping Prophet, The Potter, Glory Of God, Burden Bearer, Mighty Savior, Resurrected Savior, Avenger Of God’s Elect, Great Evangelist, Restorer Of God’s Lost Heritage, Cleansing Fountain, Merciful Father, Returning King, and Avenger Of Israel.


More Names Of Christ from two papers by Marie Florence Chery at the Southwest Florida Bible Institute (SWFBI), prepared for her two classes on: 1) Homiletics on 12/5/15, and 2) The Fourfold Christology Of The Old Testament on 2/9/16.

Almighty, Anointed Author of Eternal Salvation, Beloved Son Of God, Blessed of God, Chosen Of God, Christ Child, Comforter, Consolation of Israel, Divine Son, End of the Law, Eternal God, Eternal Head, Example, Faithful and True, Father of Heaven and Earth, Firstborn, First Fruits, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, God of the Whole Earth, Governor, Great God, Holy Child, Holy Messiah, Holy One of Israel, Image of God, Lord God, Lord God Almighty, Lord Jehovah, Lord Jesus, Lord of All, Lord of the Dead, Lord of Glory, Lord of Hosts, Meek and Lowly, Mighty God, Most High God, Nazarene, Offspring of David, Only Begotten, Our Passover Physician, Prince of Life, Rabbi, Righteous Judge, Rock, Rock of Heaven, Root of Jesse, Savior of the World, Seed of Abraham, Seed of David, Son of the Highest, Son of Mary, Spiritual Rock, Stem of Jesse, Teacher Come From God, True Vine, Unchangeable One, Wisdom of God, Wonderful Word, Worthy, Word of Life, Man Of Counsel, Lord From Heaven, Messenger Of The Covenant, Minister, Physician, Power Of God, Prince, Prophet Of Nazareth, Jesus Of Galilee, Seed Of Adam, Holy One Of Jacob, Living Stone, Redeemer Of The World, Anointed, Author, Beginning, Christ Of God, Beginning And The Ending, Beloved Son, Blessed Of God, Christ The Lamb, Creator Of All Things, Door Of The Sheep, End Of The Law, Endless, Eternal, Eternal Father, Eternal Head, Eternal Judge, Eternal Judge Of Quick And Dead, Exemplar, Father, Father Of Heaven And Earth, Finisher, Finisher Of Faith, Forerunner, God, God Of Abraham, God Of Isaac, Carpenter’s Son, Chosen, God Of Israel, God Of Jacob, God Of Thy Father, God Of Whole Earth, God’s Anointed, God’s Holy Child Jesus, Great God, Head Of Every Man, Head Of The Body, Head Of The Church, Healer, Heir Of All Things, Holy, Holy One Of Jacob,  Jesus, Jesus Christ, Jesus Of Nazareth, Joseph’s Son, Judge, Judge Of Quick And Dead, Just One, The Just, King, The Light, Living Bread, Living Stone, Living Water, Lord From Heaven, Lord, Lord God Of Hosts, Lord Of Living, Lord Of Lords, Lord Omnipotent, Lord Our Righteousness, Lord’s Christ, Maker, Man Of Holiness, Messenger Of The Covenant, Messias, Mighty One, Mighty One Of Israel, Mighty One Of Jacob, Offspring Of David, One Body, Only Begotten Of The Father, Only Begotten Son, Power Of God, Prince, Prince Of Life, Prophet, Redeemer Of Israel, Redeemer Of The World, Revealer, Righteous Man, Rock Of Heaven, The Sacrifice, Second Comforter, Servant Of Jehovah, Servant Of The Lord, Son, Son Of Righteousness, Son Of The Blessed, Son Of The Eternal Father, Son Of The Everlasting God, Son Of The Highest, King Of Kings.


The Names And Titles Of Christ In Revelation
1. Jesus Christ (1:1)
2. faithful witness (1:5)
3. firstborn of the dead (1:5, NASB)
4. ruler of the kings of the world (1:5)
5. Alpha and Omega (1:8; 22:13)
6. who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty (1:8, NASB)
7. Son of Man (1:13)
8. the First and the Last (1:17; 2:8; 22:13)
9. the living one (1:18; 2:8)
10. the one who holds the seven stars in His right hand (2:1)
11. the one who walks among the seven gold lampstands (2:1)
12. the one with the sharp two-edged sword (2:12)
13. the Son of God (2:18)
14. the one whose eyes are like flames of fire, whose feet are like polished bronze (2:18)
15. He who has the seven Spirits of God and the seven stars (3:1, NASB)
16. the one who is holy and true (3:7)
17. the one who has the key of David (3:7)
18. the Amen (3:14)
19. the faithful and true witness (3:14)
20. the Beginning of the creation of God (3:14, NASB)
21. the Lion that is from the tribe of Judah (5:5, NASB)
22. the Root of David (5:5; 22:16, NASB)
23. the Lamb (28 times)
24. their Lord (11:8)
25. a son who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron (12:5, NASB)
26. Faithful and True (19:11)
27. the Word of God (19:13)
28. King of kings and Lord of lords (19:16)
29. the Beginning and the End (22:13)
30. the bright morning star (22:16)
Studying Bible prophecy is vital because its very essence gives witness to Jesus.
Written by Mark Hitchcock, page 8, THE END
2012, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
Carol Stream, Illinois


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