The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ

Quote of the Day

Dr. A. J. Gordon was a great preacher of the second coming of Christ. His son and biographer writes, “Advocacy of this doctrine cost him much. It seems to awaken suspicion and lead to estrangement – this great doctrine of hope.” Dr. Gordon himself said, “It is not wanted by a church with millionaire merchants and great universities. But, after all, it was for the assertion of this doctrine that Christ at the last was crucified” (Matthew 26:64). To this day certain churchmen resent the enthusiastic proclamation of it. To declare that our Lord may return at any moment may disturb their grandiose plans and programs.

The Second Coming is not a popular doctrine in the Emerging Church.  Have you ever wondered why?  Because of the exact reasons that Vance Havner alludes to.  How amazing that professing Christians intentionally ignore a prominent doctrine that is our blessed hope, and replete throughout the Word of God.  Even the ancient prophet Enoch mentioned it in Jude 14-15.  Maranatha,  Pastor Steve

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