Are The Sins Of Our Nation Responsible For Weather Changes?

Yes, I believe this is the case.  The Bible always says it best:  Proverbs 14:34  King James Version (KJV)  “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.”  The Bible explains in the prophetical books (Isaiah, Jeremiah, etc.) that God judges all nations through their response to His commandments.  Because of her sins, Israel was judged by the sword, drought, famine and pestilence.  The prophet Joel emphasized how the Lord used a plague of locusts to judge Israel.  The land of Egypt was judged by the Lord through ten plagues.  No nation is exempt from the Lord’s judgment.

Which brings to mind our nation today.  I find our president’s recent speeches on our “problem” of global warming to recent college graduates  amusing.  For one thing, there are a plethora of issues that should have much greater priority.  For another thing, HE may be the cause of some of the changes in our weather.  During his six plus years in office, he has sanctioned transgender teachings for our children in the public school system, ratified “gay marriage” across the nation, thrown our Middle East ally of Israel and their prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu under the bus  (For this despicable act, Genesis 12:3 makes me cringe), attacked the freedoms of innumerable Christian institutions and businesses across our country  (examples are the right of Christian hospitals to not endorse or perform abortions, and the rights of Hobby Lobby not to sell contraceptives), all the while placing Muslim Brotherhood personnel in influential positions throughout the government.  President Obama has invited illegal immigrants to stay, and to add insult to injury, gives them additional benefits from our tax dollars.  He gives them priority over those who want to immigrate to America legally!  He allowed our diplomats in Benghazi, Libya to be brutally murdered and he has treated our war veterans awfully.  His agenda bypasses the constitution in everything he does.  In the last several years who has noticed the extreme drought in California, the extra powerful tornados that strike out of season, or the widespread flooding that is happening as I write this?  On yesterday’s news, I saw tennis ball sized hail in the Chicago area.  I spent the first twenty years of my life there and never experienced or heard of such a thing.  Mainstream Christians like Anne Graham Lotz, Franklin Graham and James Dobson warn America of soon coming judgment.  Yes indeed, ironically our administration could account for changes in weather patterns as they continue to take this nation off course, and continuously rebel against the Lord and every value that made this country great.

Pray For Revival In America



Note:  Global warming has been a political football for the last twenty years, and scientists are recently observing great fallacies within this theory.  Global warming has been endorsed by the United Nations and globalists, who are quick to blame it on man made carbon emissions (CO2), with the United States labeled as the chief culprit.  Politicians, the government, our schools and our so called intelligentsia have all brainwashed the masses with this theory.  The idea behind all of this was to tax anyone who contributes to carbon emissions.  Now, after years of research, scientist and former NASA advisor John Casey has written a best selling book named “Dark Winter.”  The premier truth taught in the book is that it is solar cycles and NOT carbon emissions that are responsible for global weather changes.  The warming effect actually ended in 2000 and we are now in a cooling cycle as is evidenced by the weather.   Much to the chagrin of global warming theorists, the oceans are not rising and the poles are not melting as predicted.  The opposite effect is occurring, as ice sheets are expanding in Antarctica and in the artic as well.  Winters have been extremely severe in recent years.  This solar trend will continue for about thirty years to come.


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