Charles Haddon Spurgeon’s Commentary On The Baptist Denomination

Still, a few historical memoranda as to the Christians commonly called Baptists will
not be out of place. Our own belief is that these people are the purest part of that sect
which of old was everywhere spoken against, and we are convinced that they have,
beyond their brethren, preserved the ordinances of the Lord Jesus as they were
delivered to the saints. MT9

Several sects claim apostolic succession, and if any possess it, the Baptists are the
most likely, since they practise the ordinances as they were delivered; but we do not
even care to trace our pedigree through the long line of martyrs, and of men abhorred
by ecclesiatics. If we could do this without a break, the result would be of no value in
our eyes; for the rag of “apostolic succession” is not worth warehouse-room. Those
who contend for the fiction may monopolize it if they will. 2185.40

We Baptists like water because our Master has ordained the use of it; but we must
also have fire, fire from heaven, the fire of the Holy Ghost. 2480.415

I always wished that he (a joyful Methodist friend) had been a Baptist; that would
have been just the finishing touch to make him perfect, and then we should have lost
him, for all perfect people go to heaven at once. But if I mentioned that subject to
him,—and sometimes I did,—he was not long before he began to sing, and he asked
me to join with him, which I gladly did. 2604.17

I recollect my mother saying to me, “I prayed that you might be a Christian, but I
never prayed that you might be a Baptist;” but, nevertheless, I became a Baptist, for,
as I reminded her, the Lord was able to do for her exceeding abundantly above what
she had asked or thought, and he did it. 2952.439

“Ah!” say you, “you Baptists make a great deal of baptism.” We Baptists do not make
any more of baptism than the Lord Jesus Christ has done; but I was not talking
about Baptists, I was talking about the words of the Lord Jesus Christ as they are
recorded in the New Testament. He says, “He that believeth and is baptized shall be
saved.” Is not that plain? Someone asks, “Can we not be saved without being
baptized?” I am not going to answer such a question as that; my business is to bid
you listen to what Jesus Christ says, “He that believeth and is baptized shall be
saved.” Give good heed to what Christ says, and raise no questions concerning it. For
my part, I am going to run no risks, and therefore I take the whole passage just as it
stands. 3132.93


An interesting observation about Baptists is that they claim no founder.  [The Methodists have John Wesley, the Presbyterians have John Knox and John Calvin, the Lutherans have Martin Luther, etc., etc.]  Also, Baptists are the least likely to capitulate to the apostasy that is coming into the church today: i.e. the acceptance of sodomy, many are overlooking the cohabitation of unwed heterosexuals, etc.  Furthermore, Baptists are known as “people of the Book.”  When professing Christians get away from the Book, they ultimately go the way of our imploding, anything goes culture.  So far, the Baptists have resisted this well.  They will be continually sorely tested even more so in the days to come.   Pastor Steve

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