Quotable Quotation ~ Harvard Professor Clay Christensen

~ Harvard Professor Clay Christensen

“If you take away religion, you cannot hire enough police.”

“Our Christian beginning provided a Spiritual foundation that helped catapult our Nation to world power. However, the relentless attacks on Christianity in the past 50-60 years, and in particular a President that has alluded to the fact that an Islamic cult(ure) somehow were co-founders of America, will be this Nation’s undoing. I truly believe we are in the midst of Spiritual warfare. May God Bless and guide our leaders.”


I find it peculiar that if a Harvard law professor says what all discerning born again Christians already know, that is it suppose to have more impact.  He said “I believe we are in the midst of Spiritual warfare.”  (Talk about stating the obvious!)  I would suggest that we can push the envelope much farther:  “We have left the Lord, therefore He has left us and we have been under judgment for well over a decade.”  THAT is why Barack Hussein Obama has been twice elected as our president.”   Blessings, Pastor Steve


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