2015 Second Orlando Prophecy Summit, Part 15

Jerome Corsi          “The Obama Nation II: Judgment Day”   Part 2     Jerome Corsi.com

Jerome Corsi is labeled by the press as a conspiracy theorist.  For instance, he believes President Obama’s birth certificate is falsified.  He does indeed expose many situations throughout his studies.  After seeing Obama Nation II, I greatly desire to see Obama Nation I as well.  (The Lord willing, I will see it this summer and report it on this blog site).  Jerome mentioned the Abomination of Desolation in Daniel.  He strongly compared it to what he believes is apostasy going on in our nation.  What I am to share are the view points of Jerome Corsi as observed in his seminar.  If interested, I would encourage you to research these topics through his books, on line information, and much of his data can be found on U-Tube presentations as well.  Then come up with your own conclusions.

Jerome said that President Obama has Communist ties, and he is in reality a Muslim from Indonesia.  He said he uses hand signs, such as the Devil Hand Sign, and a sign using the finger that says:  “I am a Muslim.”  Pictures of these assertions were displayed.

Joan Rivers was a very edgy and racy comedian.  She performed a wedding for homosexual friends in New York City last summer, and was there for a book signing as well.  While walking out to her vehicle, a reporter placed a microphone up to her and said:  “Wouldn’t it be something if we had a gay president?” She replied:  “Don’t worry and take it easy, we already do.”  She turned around again and said:  “…And Michelle is a tranny.”  The reporter said :  “What?”  Joan replied:  “She’s a transvestite (a man), and everyone knows it.”  Joan Rivers died a bizarre death a couple of months after this incident, due to complications from a routine surgery.  Corsi’s obvious implication is that her death may have been the result of what she said.  [U-Tube information stresses Michelle’s apparent Adam’s Apple, broad shoulders, and large biceps/triceps for a woman, and things on a woman’s anatomy that should not be there.  And much, much more].   Corsi said that President Obama had an intimate relationship with his former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, among other men as well.  President Obama also frequented men’s gay bath houses in Chicago such as Man’s Country and the East Bank Club.  His fellow patrons at these establishments were amazed that he could keep it all secret for so long.  During a talk with military top brass at a military base at Norfolk, Virginia, President Obama allegedly referred to his wife Michelle as Michael.  Joan River’s comments, and Obama calling his wife Michael can easily be found on U-Tube.  Corsi said that Obama, his wife and two adopted daughters are CIA engineered fiction.  Furthermore, there is an ISIS design on Obama’s ring.  Obama has always supported the Muslim brotherhood.  Hillary Clinton is said to have a lesbian lover in the Muslim Brotherhood.  [I too have heard from Secret Service agents near Washington, D.C., that Hillary led the aforementioned lifestyle].  The State Department is filled with LGBT people, because of the preferences of the current administration.  The State Department employee Christopher Stevens who was killed in Bengazi was gay.  Another State Department employee swore on the Koran.  Hence the State Department is filled with the strange and bizarre mix of LGBT and Muslim Brotherhood personnel.  President Obama has a friend in Kenya who has twenty wives.  The goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to destroy Israel.  Adolf Hitler founded the Muslim Brotherhood and their strategy was “To kill the Jews.”


A final bit of pertinent information given was the Drudge Report that states 92,000,000 Americans are not working!  That is nearly one out of three people, a far cry from the deflated, manipulated and  falsified numbers given to us by the liberal press.  This sets the table for a jobless and dumbed down populace who will submit to a governmental dictator, as we watch our freedoms disappear.


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