2015 Second Orlando Prophecy Summit, Part 11

Jonathan Matusitz     ~    Islamist Supremacism In America

60% of Muslims are cultural, nominal.

Six Concentric Circles Of Islam-

1)8-9% are Jihadist fighters such as ISIS.   …Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Morocco.

2)Islamist Fundamentalists and Imams.  They support #1 above.

3)Muslim conservatives.  One fourth of Muslims support suicidal bombings and Sharia Law.  Sharia is the path to the teachings of Mohammad.  They desire to impose Sharia Law and a Caliphate everywhere.  ***   By 2050, European countries will be Islamic Republics.  A classic case in point is Germany.   ***

4)Muslim Human Rights Activists deal with social issues such as eradicating Israel.

5)Reformed Muslims.

6)Cultural Muslims.

***   The real threat to America is Sharia Law.  The Muslim Brotherhood is a clear and present danger.  They are infiltrating the National Security Agency (NSA), the White House, the Justice Department, and the State Department.

The Islamist Threat In America-

Natural Jihad (or Holy Jihad)

Cultural Jihad

***   The ultimate goal is to turn the world into a caliphate.   ***

COEXIST is a naïve posture verses Islam.

Takia/Taquyya – In the Koran is mandated lying.  Their religion tells them to not take cultural Muslims or Christians as friends.  Christians are called “people of the book.”  (Bible)

Political Correctness (PC) is loved by Islam.


1)Awareness.  2)Vote for savvy politicians.  3)Stop being nice; nice will get you killed.  4)Revival in the Christian Church is by far the best solution.

The “Interfaith” movement and Political Correctness (PC) will get you killed.

Islam means submission…

Muslims submit to Allah.  Unbelievers submit to Muslims.



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