Killing Jesus ~ Preview (Part I)

The movie, Killing Jesus, was just released and shown on the National Geographic channel for the first time.  The story was originally written by Bill O’Reilly of Fox News.  I read the book, and it greatly reminded me of Thomas Jefferson’s “Bible”  that he wrote.  Mr. Jefferson took out all of the miracles from the Bible, and the book ended at the tomb after Jesus was crucified!  How would you like to stand before God in the judgment after performing such deeds?  The only thing in the book that impressed me was the graphic narration of the history in the Roman Empire.  Bill O’Reilly did a great job with the backdrop, but his Jeffersonian style cherry picking of only the parts of the scripture that appealed to him, like Thomas Jefferson’s “Bible” itself, made me ill.  Have you read the warning at the end of Revelation for those who add to and take away from the Word of God?  This movie comes out on the threshold of holy week, of course, by design.

I taped the movie and will give a complete assessment when finished.  I watched only twelve (12) minutes, and already notice several instances how the writers of the movie ignore the Bible, and trust their own mental acumen.  The movie totally omits Jesus’ miraculous and prophesied birth in Bethlehem, witnessed by the angelic host, their familiar choruses, and the shepherds in their fields at night.  The movie opens with the troubled Herod, concerned over bad dreams and a potential rival to his throne.  The wise men leave Herod and simply “show up” in Bethlehem, riding their camels into the hamlet in broad daylight, with absolutely no explanation of how they found the house in the town where Jesus was staying.  Remember, this is a movie where miracles are purged, along with any concept that conflicts with the author(s) mindset, hence there was no star to follow to the house, as the Bible tells us.  The wise men show up before the baby Jesus, and they show Him an ornate necklace full of beads as He plays with them, and everyone is smiling for this Kodak moment.  The worship by the wise men for the Christ child is totally ignored, as is the giving of the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  The three famous gifts do seem to make an appearance for a brief moment in the dark next to Mary and Joseph.  To add insult to injury in the early going of this movie, Joseph tells Mary that they must take the baby Jesus and go, because he has a bad feeling about the adulation and pomp poured out upon Jesus, the Son of God.  Incredibly, Joseph says he does not know where they will go!  The scriptures tell us that the angel of the Lord spoke to Joseph in a dream and told them to go to Egypt in order to escape the wrath of King Herod.  Please read Matthew 2: 1-15 for the truth.  [How ironic that the movie recognizes Herod’s demonic driven dreams and thoughts, and ignores Joseph’s divinely inspired dream.  This sets the secular tone perfectly, and lets one clearly know where the authors of the book and movie are coming from.]   Why do these people rewrite the Bible for us during holy week leading up to Resurrection Day?  I personally find this fascinating, nefarious, distasteful, and sinister.  When something was certain to be absolutely true, we Americans use to call it the Gospel (the Gospel is the good news, found in Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and all of the scriptures).  Now, newscasters have the audacity to rewrite it according to their own “private interpretation,” all the while bragging how the proceeds will go to charitable organizations.  As time permits in the coming days, I will watch this movie and assess the entire picture in accordance with the scriptures, and place a lengthly entry(s) on this blog site.

Should a Christian watch this?  If you are like me and enjoy exposing error then I would say yes you should.  If you are mature in your faith and want to know what is in the movie in order to help others who may be beguiled by it, I would say watch it.  If, on the other hand, you are a baby Christian and drinking milk rather than eating meat, I would say do not watch it unless you can see it with a Christian friend(s) who is mature in the faith and can point out the plethora of errors in this movie.

Have A Blessed Holy Week And Resurrection Day,    Pastor Steve


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