2015 Second Orlando Prophecy Summit, Part 7

Bill Federer: Islam, Isis, The Caliphate, And The Muslim Brotherhood

~  Why do Muslims persecute Christians and Jews?  ~

Mohammed was born 570 A.D.  He lived in the environment of the former Persian Empire.  Koran means recitation.  The Arabic theology of “genie” comes from the former pantheon of Persian and Babylonian gods as does Allah, the moon god, symbolized by the crescent moon.  Mohammed and the Arabic people had very distorted and convoluted ideas of Christianity, believing in the Apocrypha and Heretical teachings.  They thought the Trinity consisted of the Father, Mary and Jesus. 

Mohammed started with 70 converts in Mecca in 610 A.D.  In 622 A.D. he was chased out of town and went to Medina.  [The part of the Koran written in Mecca is peaceful, the later part written in Medina is violent].  Mohammed was a religious, political and military leader.  Julius Caesar said “I came, I saw, I conquered.”  Mohammed started the similar Islamic strategy of “Immigrate, Increase, Eliminate.”  The Islamic theme of “Hudna” says that when you are weak, you make treaties until you are strong.”  Islam has a 1400 year history.  Muslims invaded Spain in 711 A.D.  In 732 A.D. they attacked France, and at the command of Pope Gregory, Charles Martel known as the “Hammer,” stopped them at Tours, France.  Charles Martel was grandfather to Charlemagne, king of the Holy, Roman Empire.

World Peace = World Islam.

Islamic Logic:  “It is wrong to kill the innocent, but those who reject Allah are guilty.”

In 846 A.D. the Muslims trashed Rome.  (Earlier they destroyed Jonah’s tomb).  Their philosophy is the same throughout their 1400 years.  They destroy the artifacts of other cultures, and when in power, murder anyone who refuses to bow to Allah. 

The Three Springs:  1)Arab/Persian Spring, 2)Turkish Spring, 3)Arab Spring 1928 to present. 

More Islamic Logic:  “It is all right to deny Mohammed to get elected, just so you do not deny his teachings.”

In the aforementioned Turkish Spring, Islam persecuted and destroyed the seven churches of Asia Minor mentioned in Revelation 2 and 3. 

The Crusades stopped the Muslims for two centuries.  They saved Europe.

In 1453 the Muslims sacked Constantinople and renamed the great city Istanbul.  The Muslims then attempted to attack Europe from the east.  Vlad Dracul (Known to Americans as Count Dracula, known in history as Vlad The Impaler) impaled 20,000 Muslims and placed their stakes in the open for all to see.  The psychological effect worked.  The Muslims saw this and turned back, leaving Romania.


For an in depth and comprehensive history of Islam, refer to the blog category “Radical Islam, Where It Came From And Where It Is Going.”  Keep scrolling back, and strike “older posts,” until you come to several articles on the history of Islam.



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