America, Is This Weather We Are Having A Permanent Thing?

~The following article is from the Peace River Shopper, March 17, 2015, page 35.  These articles are warning America to repent and get right with God before His wrath is unleashed upon our nation.  This particular article alludes to how God changes weather patterns in order to judge a people, and how He will do this in a major way at the end times Great Tribulation.


This last year 2014 and now the new one 2015 are showing major weather storms.  We are breaking records right and left in snowfalls and wind.  Many people have been killed in traffic, especially freeways- interstates and turnpikes, and yet it is not over, for the seasons will be changing and bringing on more severe weather with tornados and hurricanes.

When the weather warms up, all the snow that has piled up will bring major floods.  Many people are having a tough time handling all of these weather problems including the loss of electricity.  Are these natural disasters the workings of mother nature, or might they be a vital message from God?  God’s holy word the Bible talks about weather disasters at the end of this age we are living in.  These weather conditions are becoming more frequent and more forceful.

Jesus Christ predicted that many natural disasters would be one of His signs preceding His return to our earth.  Unless America repents of her sins against God, He is going to bring about the most horrifying storms and natural disasters in modern history.  Folks, you can see normal weather cycles are changing.  Folks, God is punishing us through various natural disasters.  As our personal and national sins increase, so are the floods, tornados, severe snow storms and earthquakes.  What hurts your hearts is that the good will also suffer with the bad.

Folks, all of these disasters are just the beginning, and will get worse.  Our new year 2015 is off to a bad start already.  Weather forecasters are saying there is something unusual going on.  Most scientists are beginning to realize that the normal weather patterns are not holding and that something they have never experienced seems to be building up in the weather cycles.  They all agree that they are seeing climate change on a scale unprecedented in recorded human history.

God tells us that because our national sins increase, His wrath upon us will increase.  Should we be angry at God as He intervenes in our world to get our attention?  God wants to wake us up for our own good.  God uses the weather and other natural phenomena to humble us and make us realize just how weak we really are.  Folks, we can expect more severe weather and natural catastrophes to affect America because of our sinful ways.  Pray to God folks, to lift His curse on us.  Thank you!



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