2015 Orlando Prophecy Summit, Part 2, Notable Quotations

Dr. Kevin Clarkson:  “God hates Islam and loves Muslims.”

Bob Cornuke:  “Evidence is not the proof; the proper interpretation of evidence is the proof.”

Bill Federer:  Spoke on Islam, ISIS, the Caliphate, and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Mohammed was a religious, political and military leader.  He followed Caesar’s strategy “I came, I saw, I conquered.”  The Islamic strategy for expansion is “Immigrate, Increase, Eliminate.”

World Peace = World Islam

“It is wrong to kill the innocent, but those who reject Allah are guilty.”

“It is all right to deny Mohammed to get elected, just so you do not deny his teachings.”

Jonathan Matusitz  “A real threat to America is Sharia Law.”

“The Muslim Brotherhood is a clear and present danger.  They are infiltrating the National Security Agency (NSA), the White House, and the Justice Department.”

“The Muslim goal is to turn the world into a caliphate.”

“COEXIST is a well meaning yet naïve philosophy.”

“Political correctness is loved by Islam.”

“Political correctness and interfaith movements will get you killed.”

“Islam means submission.  Muslims submit to Allah.  Unbelievers submit to Muslims.”

Jerome Corsi  “The Muslim Brotherhood desires to destroy Israel.”

Mark Hamblin on the Great Tribulation  “In the book of Revelation, wherever the church is, there is no wrath; and wherever wrath is, there is no church.”




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