2015 Orlando Prophecy Summit, Part I, Highlights

The conference is over, and was a tremendous blessing to one and all.  It was manna from heaven to fellowship with Christians amid some of the finest scholars in the world.  It was no play thing, as our conference days were twelve hours each, and our commute was on the I-4 corridor between Tampa and Orlando.  You Floridians already know that this highway is no picnic.  There will be endless blog entries on this site, under the category for the 2015 Orlando Prophecy Summit conference.  We met a couple who attended the conference last year, and they are just finishing the DVD material that covered all of the speakers in the 2014 gathering.  Let me explain why there is so much material:  We went to every meeting available, yet we saw less than one third of the seminars.  Why?  Because there are always three teachings going on simultaneously during the conference, and of course, we could only see one of them at a time.  The folks choose the seminar of their choice, and miss the other two.   We attended sixteen classes,  yet there were sixty six available, which also includes special gatherings whereby the attenders can dine, ask questions, and have a “hands on” intimate fellowship with the speakers.  I purchased the book “Temple” by Bob Cornuke, and got his autograph in the tome as well as the signature of Don Perkins, my favorite teacher on eschatology, whose end times chart hangs in my study.  It does not get any better than this.  I ordered the complete DVD set and plan to show the best seminars to our church on Sunday nights, and watch each one of them myself.  I attended two seminars that highlighted the pre tribulation rapture of the church.  One of the speakers, Thomas Ice, is an end times prophecy expert who has replaced Tim LaHaye on the Bible conference speaking circuit because Tim is too old to attend and speak.  I was thrilled that I learned very little from these two speakers, and the message that I recently preached on the rapture was confirmed by all of the theology that these two men of God shared!  Thank you Jesus.

I will share summaries of every seminar that I attended on this blog site, and I will likewise share information from ALL of the seminars that we did not attend, once we receive the comprehensive DVD package of the entire Summit.  This will take a great deal of time.  I love studying about Christ’s soon return and sharing these precious truths with the saints.  Maranatha, the Lord is coming…

Keep Looking Up!     Pastor Steve


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