Greek Word Study, Part X

111)agora- market place/ This is also the Latin word for market place.  The agora was generally a store or shop.  It can also refer to a group of shops together such as a shopping center or a shopping mall.

112)rabbi- teacher/ Jesus was often referred to as a rabbi.  Jewish teachers are called rabbi to this day.

113)euangelion- gospel, good news/  An evangelist is one who proclaims the good news of salvation.  Billy Graham is an evangelist.

114)soter- Savior/  Hence the study of salvation is called soteriology.  Jesus is our Kurios (Lord) and  Soter (Savior).

115)exodus- decease, the way out/  Moses led the Israelites on the exodus (the way out) from Egypt.  The story about this is told in the second book of the Bible bearing the same name.

116)hupokrites- hypocrites, one who acts a part/  The Greek root for actor is hypocrite, since the actor or actress plays a role other than themselves.  We call a hypocrite one who does not practice what they preach!  A hypocrite is one who is guilty of duplicity.

117)mammon- wealth, money, property/  Jesus said that “No man can serve both God and mammon; he will love one and hate the other.”

118)skandalizo- offend, stumbling block/  We get the word “scandal” from this Greek word.  In the scripture referring to “the offence of the cross,” the word offence comes from skandalizo.  In other words, the cross was a scandal.

119)paradeisos- where the righteous dead go/  A place of happiness.  We obviously have received the word paradise from this Greek word.  Paradise is utopia and eternal bliss.  Heaven is paradise that lasts forever.

120)ho monogenes huios- only begotten Son/  A title that is tailor made for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

121)typos- examples or types/ I Corinthians 10:11  “Now all these things happened unto them for EXAMPLES: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come.”  In other words, many experiences of the Israelites in the Old Testament were “types” of Christ, and later fulfilled by Him.

122)kanon- measuring line, ruler, standard/ We get the word canon from the Greek.  We refer to Bible books as canon, because they reveal absolute truth and validity, as the genuine and authentic Word of God.  Our sixty six books in the Bible are canon, because they pass the test of inspiration through God (Holy Spirit).  Divine inspiration is the standard for Bible books that are canon.  It is the measuring line that separates God’s Word from false writings.

………many more to follow


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