Patterns Of Evidence: Exodus / Introduction

I saw the documentary movie this evening and it was excellent.  Timothy Mahoney, a filmmaker from Minneapolis, studied the Israelite Exodus in Egypt and their eventual migration to the Promised Land.  The movie offered six separate segments of chronological proof that the Exodus really occurred.  The evidence was offered in the areas of:

1)The Hebrews arrival in Egypt.

2)Their multiplication in Egypt.

3)The period of slavery in Egypt.

4)The Judgment upon the Egyptians (ten plagues).

5)The Exodus from Egypt into the wilderness.

6)The conquest of Canaan.

***   I will touch on some of the evidence mentioned in each category in future entries.  Let me share the most incredible piece of information that I saw:  During the alleged time that the Hebrews settled in Goshen, Egypt, an area in Goshen that featured twelve separate Syrian styled homes was observed, along with twelve tombs and twelve columns.  [Remember, Abraham initially settled in Haran which is in Syria].   They surely refer to the twelve sons of Israel (Jacob).  Incredibly, one of the tombs is shaped like a pyramid, and inside there is a statue of a Semitic man (NOT Egyptian) wearing a “coat of many colors!”  His skin is yellowish and olive colored, and his hair is red like many of the Hebrew people.  Furthermore, there are no bones in the tomb which again lines up with the Bible, since the Word tells us that Joseph’s bones were taken back to Israel.  This was truly mind boggling.   ***

The documentary closed with a thirty five minute panel, discussing the movie and hosted by Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson.  Among the panelists was Anne Graham Lotz (Billy Graham’s daughter).  Further additions on this blog site will expound on the aforementioned six categories of the Exodus.


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