Quotable Quotation ~ Franklin Graham

In response to Duke University allowing Islamic freedom of expression in the name of multiculturalism, Evangelist Franklin Graham made the following response:  “As Christianity is being excluded from the public square and followers of Islam are raping, butchering, and beheading Christians, Jews, and anyone who doesn’t submit to their Sharia Islamic law, Duke is promoting this in the name of religious pluralism.”

—–after Franklin Graham’s statement, and rebuttals from other Christians, Duke University reconsidered and nullified this policy, because the intended effect of unifying students on campus was not accomplished.  Graham also recommended for donors to Duke University to cease their contributions.  Duke University called for a three minute sound for Muslim prayer every Friday, yet these types of opportunities were not extended to Christians, Jews, or any other faith.  This is Political Correctness (PC) run amuck.  This is an incredible policy for a nation founded on the Judeo Christian ethic.



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