Radical Muslims Murder In Paris, France…

After 9/11 nearly fourteen years ago, the West (Europe and the United States of America) still have absolutely no strategy whatsoever to confront these murderers.  Muslim extremists have become emboldened by a retracting America that no longer believes in our leadership and exceptionalism around the world.  The Islamic sympathizing president of our country has a lot to do with this mindset.  There is NEVER an outcry among the Muslim world when these barbaric deeds occur.  So PLEASE do not ever tell me about peaceful, freedom loving Muslims.  Recently, we have witnessed beheadings, crucifixions, killing women and children, bombings, etc., etc.  I have never seen such cowards in my lifetime.  Wherever Muslims settle en masse is where these atrocities happen.  Paris is largely Islamic like Saudi Arabia and Sharia Law exists wherever they settle.  There are 751 Muslim safe havens in France, whereby these areas are “hands off” to French laws, and have become “little Meccas” dotting the nation where acts of terrorism are planned.  Here is the key to understanding the followers of Islam:  They NEVER want to learn the culture of the nation and assimilate where they immigrate.  They arrogantly come in great number, circumnavigate all the laws of the land, and implement their ideology, murder and mayhem.  They have done so throughout history EVERYWHERE they go.  Once they attain a strong foothold, they always demand that the people of the lands into which they immigrate, submit to Sharia Law and the teachings of Islam or die.   London and Paris are what the rest of the West will soon be like.  Radical Imams come along and challenge the Muslim world to murder and carry out total Sharia Law.  Among their plethora of recent atrocities, followers of Islam murdered civilians in a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya who did not answer questions to their satisfaction.  Islamic terrorists butchered a British soldier walking along the streets of London in uniform.  They took hostages in a Parisian kosher grocery store as I write this.  They took hostages at sunset prior to the Sabbath when they knew a lot of people would be there.  A year ago our president called Isis a “J V team that was nothing to worry about.”  Our president has allowed these madmen to solidify themselves around the world.  Maybe now, American will realize how graceful God has been when He protected our country from these barbarians for the first two hundred years of our history.

If you are interested in this theme, then go to the category “Radical Islam, Where It Came From And Where It Is Going” on this blog site.  If you keep striking “Older Posts” at the end of each page, you will arrive at a series entitled “Death Of The West,” which has six parts to it.  It outlines the entire history and atrocities of this evil religion.

Pray For Revival In America.  Only The Truth (John 14:6) Will Dispel Darkness.


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