Peaceful Islam?

Peaceful Islam?.

Peaceful Islam?
………… my opinion does not exist. You may as well refer to a heavenly devil. Political Correctness (PC) seems to force our media to speak about the good and peaceful Islamic movements. The so called “radicals” are simply following the teachings of their founder Mohammad and what he did and taught at the beginning of this religion. Mohammad beheaded between 600-900 Jews in a single day. They are also following the teachings in the Koran which calls Jews and Christians pigs and monkeys, and tells their followers to kill all infidels (anyone who is not a Muslim). Have you ever heard a major outcry from the Muslim world over 9/11 or the recent beheadings of two American journalists and one British aid worker? No, and you never will. The peaceful Palestinians were handing out candy and dancing in the streets following 9/11. The Muslim faith teaches that a period of chaos and confusion will usher in the time when Islam rules the world– that is when the world will be at total peace as the crescent moon flies everywhere. Yes indeed, there are noncombatant Muslim civilians living in large neighborhoods throughout Europe and America. They have already implemented Sharia Law where they live. The English Police (Bobbies) will not even enter the London neighborhoods where they have declared Sharia Law. These “peaceful” citizens are simply waiting to become larger in number, more influential, and for the local imam to come on the scene and challenge them to “take over,” which is what their religion dictates. Follow this “peaceful” movement all around the world throughout their history and you will see that they thrive on aggressive pugilism. Have you seen the COEXIST bumper stickers? There is really no need for the sticker except for Muslims. In my opinion they are displayed in order to “persuade” Muslims to live in peace with people of other faiths. If you believe these stickers will influence them, then I found a piece of real estate in the everglades for you to build your house on. I would rather promote the Author of salvation, the Lord Jesus Christ, than attempt to persuade Muslims to do what they will never do. They will coexist with everyone else ONLY when Allah rules over all. This PC mentality in our nation will lead to our rapid demise, as our so called intelligentsia, media, educational institutions, churches, and elected government representatives are all afraid to call Islam what it truly is: an intolerant religion that says “convert or die.” If you love the Lord Jesus Christ, pray for revival in the United States of America.
Islam is a cultural, social, political, economic, religious and military ideology that is not compatible with our United States Constitution or our jurisprudence. These people desire to totally “take over” wherever they go. Freedom of religion is not in their vocabulary.


Pray For Revival In America!


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