The Giants Of The Bible, Taking A Close Look At The Antediluvian World, Part 5

Use your imagination coupled with the Word of God and visualize our world prior to the great flood of Noah.  The corresponding chapters in the Bible for this time period are Genesis 1-6.  The climate was warm, uniform and temperate because of the “greenhouse effect” all over the world, and the water canopy that prevents the sun’s ultraviolet rays from harming all of life, hence the great longevity of mankind often exceeded nine hundred year old!  [Adam lived to be 930 and Methuselah reached 969 years].  Severe storms and high winds are very uncommon during the early time period of God’s wonderful creation.  Natural springs and pools abound as water sources, and rain is unknown and nonexistent.  Dinosaurs are plentiful and taken for granted by mankind.  They usually leave humans alone since most are vegetarians, and the plant life food source is abundant due to the aforementioned “greenhouse effect.”  A couple Pteranodon are observed flying overhead, and my goodness, there is a Pterodactyl over towards the west!  It is hard to believe a creature that large can fly.  My favorite dinosaur, the Triceratops, is observed eating in the marshes.  They are similar to the Rhinoceros except they have three horns rather than two and are much larger.  As we enter open country, the Brachiosaurus are seen in number grazing in the valley.  They are the largest of the dinosaurs in existence, and the biggest species of them that we have uncovered to date is the Argentinosaurus.  See the Stegosaurus with exactly 17 large plates along his great spine and the spike at the end of its’ tail?  And last but not least, there is Tyrannosaurus Rex.  He is entrenched among the fern groves at the base of a smoldering caldron of a volcano, silhouetted against the indigo sky.  Tyrannosaurus Rex is not the carnivore we assumed, but is herbivorous and uses his great rows of teeth for chewing and mashing copious amounts of plants.  Yes, dinosaurs (which means terrible lizards) are everywhere but their philosophy is “you leave us alone and we will leave you alone.”  The closer that sin fallen man lives to the flood of Noah, the worse the conditions become.  Nearly 100% of men are in total rebellion against God.  Most men believe in false gods of their own making.  The sons of God (fallen angels) married the daughters of men a generation ago, and the whole human race rapidly became corrupt.  Their progeny became the giants, known in the Bible as Nephilim.  These demigods are a race of half breed giants and monsters (part man and part beast), and live in all cultures throughout the ancient world.  These monstrous hybrids are rightly feared by mankind much more than the dinosaurs.  They are wicked and nefarious, ruling over all, since in the ancient world, might makes right!  They are commonly well over ten feet tall and are cannibalistic towards ordinary humans, even desiring to drink our blood!  They live in dens and caves and hideous screeches are known to come from their abodes.  The only way they can be attacked and killed is while they are asleep.  They corrupted the entire human race because of their unparalleled dominance, and only Noah kept his family pure from them and found grace in the eyes of God.


How Mythology Is Associated With The Ancient Biblical Nephilim-

As mentioned, the Nephilim lived all over the world and led to its’ rapid demise prior to the flood of Noah.  Stories today abound all over the globe that are related to the giants even though the facts have become clouded and distorted.  We call a lot of these stories myths or mythology.  These stories are replete in Greece, India, North America (Did you ever hear about Paul Bunyan and Babe his blue ox?), Rome, Egypt, Scandinavia, Asia, Europe and South America.  Chimeras are the hybrid beasts (part man, part beast, and demonic?) that are known in the mythology of many nations.  They include but are not limited to the Centaur, Satyr (part goat and part man), Cyclops and Minotaur.  Greek writer Homer records the Cyclops in the Odyssey as having one eye in the center of his head, resides in a labyrinth of caves, and seeks to devour flesh and drink blood.  Perhaps we can understand the legend of the Werewolf and the Vampire better now.  Werewolves fit right into the hybrid monsters of ancient times, while the legendary Vampires’ blood lust is nearly identical to that of the Nephilim!  Let us close with an observation of the sons of God and Nephilim, and their astonishing similarities to the ancient Greek gods.  Zeus is a perverted form of the true God and resides on Mount Olympus.  Neptune was god of the sea, and Uranus was god of the sky and personified the heavens.  There are many other gods as well.  In the Greek legends, mere mortals aspire to become gods like Zeus.  Men like Hercules and Achilles to name a couple.  The gods and the men who desire to become gods struggle with each other, often coming together at Mount Olympus.  The giant Greek men were called the Titans who desired deity.  They struggled with the gods in order to become gods.  I believe we can easily observe the Biblical parallels:  The Greek Titans and Chimeras (hybrid man, animal and demon) are the equivalent to the antediluvian Nephilim, while Zeus and the other Greek gods are in reality the sons of God or fallen angels.  Once we understand this, all of history falls beautifully into place.  One cannot understand ancient history unless we totally understand the fallen angels and giants of Genesis 6:1-4.  This formula from Greek mythology can be applied in a similar fashion to the stories and myths in countless other cultures, lands, nations and civilizations.


I believe this last part of the series on the Biblical giants is accurate in so far as the Bible is concerned.  I added some data, largely based on the study of creation sciences, such as the “greenhouse effect,” etc.  I attempted to describe how legends and mythology make sense ONLY when they are seen in light of the Bible and of the facts we already know from ancient history.  As we observe consistencies within mythology all around the globe, the key is that there is an element of truth behind all of the stories.  Part 5 is a blend of the Bible, creation science, archaeology, anthropology and history.  In other words, our desire is to obtain the facts the best way we can, based on the information available.  My desire is that this study whets your appetite for further investigation.

Blessings, Pastor Steve


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