The Giants Of The Bible, The Many Sources That Confirm Their Ancient Existence, Part 3

The common characteristics of the ancient giants were mentioned in the “Giants Of The Bible, Part 2.”  To the novice who has never carefully examined this subject, the characteristics would look surreal.  The fact is, however, that these traits are found in a myriad of cultures, civilizations and lands all around the globe, including every continent.  They are recorded in God’s Word, in the history of various nations and in the myths of the ancients.  The same could be said for the dinosaurs and the flood of Noah.  Recorded below are some of the best sources that tell us about the giants of old, and give us the overall composite picture regarding their ancient existence:

1)The Bible

2)I Enoch (The best and most comprehensive source.  Several verses about the sons of God and the giants in Jude and II Peter 2 come from I Enoch).


4)Jasher (This source is actually quoted in the Bible).

5)Sibylline Oracles

6)Terracotta’s Army in Chinese Prehistory


8)The Testament Of The Twelve Patriarchs


10)Wisdom of Solomon

11)Dead Sea Scrolls

12)Genesis Apocryphon (From the Dead Sea Scrolls).

13)All of Greek Mythology featuring the Serpentine Giants and Much More. (See #14 Just Below).

14)Homer’s Odyssey (Hercules, Orion the Gigantic Hunter, and Many More Giants Appear Throughout His Writings, Featuring A Myriad Of Demigods- One Half god and One Half Human.  The Cyclops Are Featured As Well, and Are Noted For Capturing and Devouring Their Victims).

15)Jewish Talmud

16)Babylonian Talmud




20)Hesiod (Theogany)

21)III Maccabees


23)A Plethora Of Publications and Innumerable Historical Recordings Of The North American Mound Builders

***   This list is by no means comprehensive, and represents a mere fraction of the information about the giants who once dwelled on the earth.  Just like the great flood and dinosaurs, there are too many recorded annuls of the giants to be counted.  The stories of giants are replete throughout the Bible, they are in the recorded history of nearly every  ancient people, and their stories are sprinkled throughout mythology, with of course, some perversions and distortions.   ***


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