Been thinking about….. CHRISTMAS CONFUSION

Jesus Christ, the Son of God and God the Son, the Creator of the universe, the Savior of our souls, the One who is currently in heaven and seated on the right hand of God the Father, was born in a lowly manger (an animal feeding trough) a few miles outside of Jerusalem in a hamlet called Bethlehem.  No pomp, no ceremony, no movers and shakers with power ties were even invited.  Good night–  the aristocratic and religious Jews were not even aware of what was happening.  If you have been a Christian for any length of time, then you have probably already taken Christmas 101 and you know that the wise men were not even on the scene until perhaps a year later.  The only ones who were there were shepherds.  Yes, unknown smelly shepherds who were lacking in the social graces.  Why?  Because the wisdom of God is foolishness to the world.  God’s angels were there bellowing out choruses of praises.  Humanly speaking, however, only Mary, Joseph and the shepherds were there and understood the magnitude of this momentous occasion.  …And I have been thinking, things have not changed one bit since.  Read in the later part of Hebrews 11, and you will observe how the great prophets of the Old Testament era hid out among the rocks, in dens and caves, and they were killed because the world rejected their message from the Lord.  Early this Christmas season I have watched my neighbors put up their lights.  Many believe that more and bigger is better.  Why my goodness, I detect a flair of competition.  Is this not the American way?  There are a few homes next door to one another that have enough lights to cast an entire city out of darkness, as they celebrate secular Christmas and the winter solstice.  (i.e. Rudolph, snowmen, Santa, artificial icicles on the gutters of those who move away from the frozen tundra up north, etc., etc.).  We are talking the whole Clark Griswald pagan package.  Of course, this impresses and resonates with many Americans, and the addresses of the “light shows” are published annually in the local newspapers since folks are awed by how many lights people can buy at Wal Mart and string up on one third of an acre of property.  Lines often wrap around the block in order for folks to observe the gaudy display of one running up an exorbitant electric bill.  (Oops!  Please forgive me for my sardonic tone, I should be praying for these people.  Right?  I mean this was OUR family not too long ago and only through His grace and mercy do we now understand the truth.)  Then across the street is a mysterious sight that is nearly unnoticed.  A tiny manger scene depicting the aforementioned event.  Their representation of a Christian view of Christmas will not be on CNN or break the Guinness World Book of Records, but the Lord is smiling down on it because someone knows which end is up and has got it right!  You think about that.   Merry Christmas      Pastor Steve




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