President Obama’s Legacy

I write this hours before the president announces that “he,” through  executive order, will bypass congress and illegally grant amnesty to five million illegal immigrants.  A few years ago he spoke on how the president could not do this unilaterally, but the anointed one has changed his mind.  It almost makes one think he is a narcissistic despot who thinks little of the American people and our government.  Many conservative news sources erroneously believe that the unconstitutional Obamacare, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS cover up, and his plethora of other scandals will tarnish his legacy.  Obama is right on course, i.e. mission accomplished.  The uniqueness of the United States of America has always been the fly in the soup which hindered the implementation of the New World Order (NWO).   We still have a solid Christian base in grassroots America despite the takeover of our schools, government, and culture by multiculturalism.  Our faith, freedoms, power,  and blessings from above have made this a unique nation.  Obama’s “change” that he promised seven years ago, was to dismantle this nation and destroy our faith, freedoms, economy, and the best middle class the world has ever known.  Our ignorant populace had no idea what was coming down the pike, and did not understand why so many discerning Christians thought our country was “toast” when the neophyte left wing radical was elected.   In regards to granting unconstitutional amnesty, he is drawing a line in the sand and daring the Republican party to impeach him.  By the time the courts get around to addressing this matter, the damage will be done and the illegals will all have their foot in the door, with no possibility of rescinding what the president already set in motion.  Mission accomplished.  Obama’s left wing mentors have taught him that in order to destroy a republic or a democracy, their cohesion, unity and solidarity must be broken up.  Obama has polarized this nation in regards to both politics and race relations.  This has always been his goal.  He thrives on the division he has created and enjoys fooling and destroying the people of this nation.  Many believe he desires to create a scenario for Marshall Law before his term is over, in order to completely seal the deal to the damage already done.  Unless God intervenes in a powerful way due to His perfect will, and answers the prayers and repentance of the saints, the fallout from the damage he has caused will be irreparable.

Here are two Biblical points for Christians to ponder on, as we consider this bleak scenario:  1)The tremendous sin of our nation as well as the apathy and apostasy in the church, are at the root of this situation we find ourselves in.  It is as simple as the spiritual law of sowing and reaping playing itself out.  (Galatians 6:7)  All Christians I know feel awful over his hubris and agenda.  Nefarious rulers come to power over a wicked and lethargic people.  America is not having a sudden blowout.  This has been a slow leak going on for decades and it has not caught discerning Christians by surprise!  2)The Lord has obviously allowed our president to continue with his shenanigans, and he is playing into God’s end times scenario by contributing heavily towards the New World Order (NWO).  As mentioned, the United States was a missing piece of the puzzle until this president was elected.  Our enemies no longer fear us, our allies do not trust us, while Russia, China and Isis run over us.  If you can read his speech and body language, Obama is laughing just as he did after news correspondent James Foley was beheaded.  Despite the present sad situation, Obama is a mere pawn on the Lord’s chess board and playing right into His hands.  Let not your heart be troubled and keep looking up!


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