Illegal Immigration

Despite heavy losses in the election last week, President Obama is pushing an aggressive agenda on several fronts.  Namely, the environment, Internet regulations, and of course, immigration.  This will be a hand grenade thrown into Congress when President Obama decides to promote his executive order of granting amnesty to illegals, possibly next week.  The president’s desire is to grant total amnesty to 4.5 million illegal immigrants.  Furthermore, political experts expect him to veto the making of a pipeline, which would make us more energy independent.  Congress just voted heavily in favor of building and implementing it.  Obama is clearly a dictator and if allowed, will circumvent Congress and the will of the people through his pen and his phone.  Also,  look out for his endless campaign against gun ownership by our citizenry and our second amendment rights.  Liberal leaders like Obama and Hillary Clinton desire to submit to United Nation regulations and desires more so, than allow Americans to keep their Constitutional freedoms.  I believe that Barrack Obama desires to stir the kettle and polarize Americans, especially through race and politics.  His radical left wing mentors have taught him to do this in order to CHANGE the face of this unique nation and strip us of our faith and freedoms.  Pray for America.  The remainder of this year will be interesting, as we observe the reaction of Congress to Obama’s unilateral plans for ignoring Congress and granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.   Pastor Steve


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