Greek Word Study, Part IX

99)magos- magician, sorcerer, wise man/ The carry over into the English is obvious.  We have the words magic and magician, and they plainly come from magos.  The idea in our culture of magician, however, is often different from the ancient Bible times.  The ancients’ idea relates to sorcery and witchcraft.  Today, many magicians use the slight of hand and trickery to fool people without actual magic.

100)Magog- foreign nation, antichristian party/ This term is often affiliated with the nation of Russia and their attack on Israel at the outset of the battle of Armageddon.  For information on Gog and Magog see Ezekiel 38-39.

101)malakia- disease/ Malaria is the word we have received from the original, and it refers to a specific disease.

102)mania- mad/ This is the suffix added to all words that describe a person with a severe problem.  A kleptomaniac is one who is compelled to pilfer.  A kleptomaniac breaks the eighth commandment:  “Thou shalt not steal.”

103)manna- edible gum/ The Old Testament manna has been called angel bread, Providentially provided by God in the wilderness.

104)membrana- sheepskin, parchment/ We get the scientific word “membrane” from membrana.  A membrane is a thin flexible texture in plants or animals.

105)morphosis- appearance, form/ A caterpillar or tadpole goes through a metamorphosis when they change into a butterfly and frog respectively.  That is, they have a change in form.

106)Iesous- Jesus/  Yet another name for Jesus.  This is the Greek name.

107)keraia- tittle, smallest written stroke/  This refers to more than dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s; it refers to the periods, commas and colons.

108)Christos- Messiah/  The Savior or the Anointed One.

109)petros- stone, a piece of rock, Peter/  The apostle Peter had this name.  Also the famous archaeological site of Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world in Jordan, was a city carved into solid rock and derives its’ name from this Greek word.

110)metanonia- repentance, a change of mind/  One cannot be saved or born again without repentance!  Please refer to Luke 13:3,5.

……………many more to follow


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