America’s War In The Middle East

It truly amazes me that one of the best warnings that I have seen recently for people to get right with God does not come from the church, but from a secular advertisement and business directory.  Especially note the last paragraph, and the author’s advice that time is short to get right with God.  Pastor Steve

Peace River Shopper, October 14, page 18


America is still dealing with the terrorist group ISIS.  This organization is stronger than we think.  American and British citizens are in for real trouble.  The pride of our powers are broken.  Even though we still have the most powerful military force in the world, we are decaying from within.  We are like the powerful Roman Empire mentioned in the scriptures of the Bible.  The Islamic state terrorist group ISIS is regarded as the best financed most heavily armed and most wealthy terrorist groups we have ever faced.

They have stolen gold and cash from banks and have seized millions of dollars of military hardware in the past few months.  They have control of the oil refinery there now, which is giving them 2 million dollars per day.  Vladimir Putin of Russia, the rulers of China and the rest of the terrorists of the Middle East all have our number.  This is very serious folks.  Pray with earnestness from your hearts that this fighting will end with a peaceful solution.  These events happening now go real close with the Bible prophecy.

The Bible clearly describes a coming King of the south who will unite many Arab nations to engage militarily the power of Europe.  We all know the Bible tells us about the King of the north who is Russia and all her allies.  Folks, we are almost there now.  Although the ISIS terrorist organization may not be the final King of the south, ISIS is probably setting the stage for it.

What is worrying military leaders is the uniting of the major Arab nations as well as the countries of Europe.  The stage is being set folks, and war is in the future.  Where is America going to stand?  America, unless you truly repent and turn to the real true God, bad times are going to come upon us.  God has many great people out in the world giving warning messages.  I include myself as one of God’s messengers.

***   Folks, this may be God’s final warning message before darkness falls.  It involves a genuine surrender to live for God.  It involves surrendering our lives to Jesus Christ.  Folks, let us pray for one another and coming Biblical events which are happening right now.  We don’t know what the future holds for us.  God reveals many things to us through His Word the Bible.  We have to learn His Word the Bible.  We have to learn to discipline ourselves to live a righteous life, and then we will see all the evil around us.  Folks, again I ask you to open up your hearts to God and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.   ***

Wake Up America !






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