Quotable Quotations ~ Four Famous People Comment On Isis

Note the contrast in the following quotations regarding Isis:

1)Retired CIA director James Woolsey:  “They are theocratic totalitarian genocidal imperialists.  They believe they perform their actions as representatives of God.  They force their ideology upon everyone, and believe they have the right to tell you what to believe, and what to say and do.  They behead, bury alive, crucify and place people’s heads upon a stick who do not submit.”

2)British Prime Minister:  “Isis is effectively a state run by terrorists.”

3)Bob Glaze:  “Isis is Al Quaeda on steroids.”  September 2014 Prophetic Observer

4)Barack Hussein Obama:  “If a Jayvee team puts on a Laker uniform, that does not make them Kobe Bryant.”  January 27, 2014  The New Yorker

Observations:  Our president believes that these demented terrorists are the equivalent to a Junior Varsity high school basketball team.  They currently occupy a state that is the size of Belgium, they are growing rapidly, are well financed and have armaments galore.  They desire to murder everyone except for themselves.  In my opinion, they are much worse than Al Qaeda, Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin.  Pray that God would thwart the lethargy of our current commander-in-chief, and raise up leadership who can rightly assess this wicked group and turn back their advances.  Since this president has two more years in office, it does not look good for the home team.  The president has been briefed on Isis for one year.  There are 420,000 individuals currently on the FBI’s terror watch list.  There are 500 people on the FBI’s no fly list.


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