Missionary Testimony And Newsletter, Article 1

I grew up as one of those kids you’ve warned your own kids about: don’t hang out with those kind of people – they’re a bad influence. Alcohol became my friend at an early age of 13 and marijuana came within the year. By the time I was a senior in high school, amphetamines (speed) was the choice for the weekend. I found I could make some extra money in college selling it and even came to understand how cocaine can become addictive; fortunately, the Lord intervened before things got worse.

A friend came across my path who finally shared the Gospel with me, something I’d never heard in my first nineteen years of life. The message had a draw to it, but I couldn’t pull myself away from my old life. I did, however, find myself over at this classmates dorm room asking questions. I thought it odd that his roommate would sit at his desk mumbling over what I thought was his Biology textbook only later to find out he was actually praying Scripture into my life. Whenever someone is praying for you, give up!

It was a Friday night later in the Spring semester when I’d surrender my life to Jesus and that came from a reading of Scripture. I shared what happened with my friends and they challenged me to read the New Testament. Not knowing any better, I read the whole thing in a week. When I told them that, I was asked, “So what do you think is its main message?”

 “Oh, that’s easy: take the Gospel into the whole world the way the early church did!” I said only to be asked, “What are you going to do about it?”

“Me?! I’m new at this! That’s for real questions!” I objected. I was then handed the first piece of Christian literature that I’d ever read outside of the Scriptures and it was “Keith Green’s Final Message: Why YOU Should Go To The Mission Field.”  No objection remained. During Easter Break, I found myself at what turned out to be a Southern Baptist church close to my parents’ home. What the pastor there asked me came as a surprise



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