American journalist James Foley was kidnapped by Isis nearly two years ago.  He was recently beheaded and the assassination was released on the Internet for all the world to see.  This was done in retaliation for the United States bombings on Isis in Iraq.  Isis is much worse than Al Queda, and they are wicked to the bone.  They are so wicked as Muslim extremists that they are murdering mainstream Muslims such as Sunnis and Shiites!  Isis has already taken over huge parts of Iraq and Syria.  President Obama spoke against the beheading yesterday and as usual, seemed to be getting his information from a teleprompter.  He had absolutely no fire, outrage, urgency or conviction in his voice, rattled off his speech, consoled James Foley’s parents in his perfunctory fashion, and 8 minutes later he promptly hit the links for 18 more holes of golf.  [In my opinion, President Obama has ALWAYS endorsed Islam, and strokes the consciences of naïve Americans who believe him.  He gives insincere speeches that he does not believe himself.  A Muslim leader can lie, deceive and manipulate in order to advance the cause of their demon god Allah.  Most Americans do not even know this.  Everything Obama has done as president has advanced the cause of Islam.  Do you remember his words in his first inaugural speech?  He said:  “This is no longer a Christian nation.”  He said this even though we were over 80% professing Christian at that time.  He said these words because this is his vision for America].     The top Pentagon General Martin Dempsey said that “Isis cannot be defeated without going into Syria.”  Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said:  “They have no standard of decency of responsible human behavior and yes, they are a threat to every interest we have.  They are a threat beyond anything we have ever seen.  They are a bigger threat than Al Queda ever was in pre 9/11.”  Isis has a very strong economic network as well as military hardware, and they are considering expansion into Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, and forming a caliphate!  They are growing tremendously fast.  This should make Americans shudder.  Their power will soon make gasoline prices soar, as their foothold in the Middle East is controlling more oil wells throughout this oil rich region.  Their ultimate goal is to destroy America and force everyone to become a Muslim.  Their style follows their founder Mohammed and the Koran absolutely perfectly, if one follows the history of Islam.  What more incentive would a Christian need for consistent and fervent prayer?

***   Additional note:  President Obama has broadcasted to  the entire world about our failed attempts to rescue James Foley prior to his beheading.  Incredibly, he revealed all of the details.  Whose side is our president on?  Ambassador John Bolton correctly says “these attempts should have been kept secret for at least fifty years.  Now our president has fully disclosed our tradecraft to our enemies, and placed the lives of all other Americans held hostage in the Middle East in jeopardy.”  Our enemies now know even more about what to expect from us.  This is truly mind boggling to me, and even the naïve among us should realize by now that our president is harming the security of our nation in a major way.  Here is the often repeated quotation about our president’s foreign policy:  “Because of his “lead from behind strategy,” our enemies no longer fear us, and our allies no longer trust us.”  Obama’s foreign policy is confused, contradictory and timid.   ***


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