The Supreme Court just voted 5-4 in favor of Hobby Lobby in reference to religious rights and freedom.  How appropriate with July 4th right around the corner.  The Obama administration says you can have your religious “freedoms” when you worship on Sunday, but must check them in at the door when you go to work/school on Monday morning.  The ownership of Hobby Lobby are Christians who oppose abortion, and Obama and his cohorts wanted to force them to sell contraceptives.  Obama clearly believes he knows more than the American public and is above the law.  He wants to trample on our religious freedoms and force the faith(s) to submit to the state.  Christians, Jews and millions of other Americans are opposed to the killing of unborn babies.  Our nation was built upon the Judeo Christian ethic, and make no mistake– Obama continually attacks the cross (Christianity) and the values and beliefs that have made this nation great.  I share your joy over this decision but am saddened that the vote was not 9-0, because this issue is very black and white, cut and dry, and another obvious attempt by Czar Obama to further curtail our religious freedoms.

Blessings,  Pastor Steve


2 thoughts on “HOBBY LOBBY

  1. Pastor Steve, SCOTUS did not remove the right to contraceptives or the right of an employer to offer that coverage. They only decided that the government can’t mandate it. Hobby Lobby’s insurance does cover birth control, just not the prescription abortion pills that the government wanted to force on them. It basically changes nothing except that Hobby Lobby doesn’t have to offer a plan that covers abortion pills. people still have the right to buy them on their own. The way I see it nobody’s rights have been violated. If we get one more Liberal SC Justice nominated our country will never be the same but of course
    it’s all in God’s hands now.


    • Thanks, I am well aware Tom. The ruling tells us that the state cannot force businesses to sell what goes against their conscience. It would be like forcing a Jewish food mart to sell non kosher food. People can pick up contraceptives anywhere. That is well known…..


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