SBC Convention, Part VI, Pastor’s Conference, June 9, 2 PM


J.D. Greear Lead Pastor, The Summit Church, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

Southern Baptists feel there is something they should be doing that they are not doing.  Illustration- Pastor Greear went into a long comparison of Baptists and “lawn chair Larry.”  Remember him from years ago?  He lived in the middle of our country, and out of boredom tied countless helium balloons to his lawn chair, carried a rifle with him and up he went.  He thought he would shoot out the balloons out one by one in order for his decent to occur.   It did not work out that way and Larry ended up in the stratosphere.

90% of evangelicals have never shared their faith outside their families.  Paige Patterson:  “We are not teaching discipleship.”  We are greater than John the Baptist because we have the Holy Spirit, and knowledge of the crucifixion and resurrection.  John 16:7; 14:12.

God does not change the world through anointed preaching.  He changes it from Monday to Saturday.  Antioch, Alexandria, Rome– They were the largest Christian churches and we do not know who founded them.

The secular world will no longer ever attend church.  (this is a cultural problem that we have inherited)

Would you give your church away to start another church?  When you send out leaders, others will take their place.  Illustration for this point:  Jesus multiplying the fish and loaves.


Tony Evans     Senior Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Dallas, Texas, had to cancel due to stormy weather,  Tony was replaced by Alex Amaya-

Alex preached from the scripture Revelation 12:11 and The Blood Of The Lamb was his title.

Hudson  Taylor  “God always uses the weak things of the world in order to accomplish His sovereign will.”

1)The Blood Of The Lamb wins the battle against Satan.

2)As Does The Word Of Our Testimony.  Alex shared his testimony…..


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